Big Tech Censorship Ultimately Fails, Gives Legitimacy to Content It Tries to Hide

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News Story Source:, Didi Rankovic
Although it seems quick and easy to do and get away with, especially when you watch giant tech corporations do it these days – censorship might actually be hard to pull off when all's said and done.

The crucial reason, that entrepreneur and YouTube personality Patrick Bet-David explores is this – does censorship even work?

Even before the "viral" capability to spread information on the web came about, regimes struggled to make censored information go away, provoking instead more interest in what's forbidden.

But now, with the network effect, YouTube deleting a video to silence an issue or a person will likely lead to more eyes on it that would have been the case otherwise, he argues.

Ultimately, censorship doesn't work, Bet-David concludes, because visibility of censored content grows exponentially on social networks, by that very fact increasing the likelihood of the ideas that are suppressed gaining more, not less credibility.

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