Big Brother wants to create 17.5 million spying motorists

Big Brother and auto insurance companies have devised a devious new way to encourage Americans to spy on each other. They’re offering motorists an insurance discount, if they purchase and install dashcams in their own vehicles!

New York Assembly member Alicia Hyndman and NY Senator Jose Peralta have introduced a bill, that would give New York drivers a 5% auto insurance discount for having a dash camera installed in their car. Fyi, insurance companies are also secretly identifying motorists and passengers using facial biometrics.

Big Brother to use dashcams to monitor the public

They (gov’t officials) say the video drivers provide is invaluable to law enforcement in solving many situations. Like what? Allowing police to identify the driver who just gave someone the middle finger? Or recording bad driving, so insurance companies can raise our rates?

“Plus if motorists feel that they’re being taped by a dash cam, then maybe, just maybe they will think twice before engaging in reckless driving or leaving the scene of an accident,” Peralta said.

What they’re really saying is, dashcams will be used to monitor and silence the public, if they know they’re being spied on everywhere they go.

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