Biden Versus Trump: Here's What You Will Get

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Never have we seen such anarchy in our country as we've seen in the past six months with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Never have we seen such disregard for Old Glory. Never have we seen looting, burning and mayhem on the level of 2020.  And, never have we seen governmental agencies breaking the law while creating bogus charges against a sitting president.  

Never have we seen so many cities being burned, looted and trashed! Worse than that, those cities enjoy democrat mayors and governors that enable such anarchy in this country.   Never have we seen such racial strife or support of such violence.  

For Joe Biden, 47 years in Congress and VP for eight years…not once has he offered bills or created a bill or a discussion to solve America's problems. In fact, everything he's done in nearly five decades did nothing for the American people.  He proved with the Boblulinski Report on Tucker Carlson last week, that this is
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