Biden Regime Racism

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Biden Regime Racism

by Stephen Lendman

Along with risking global war by its support for Ukrainian Nazis against Russia and its anti-China Taiwan policies, racist Biden regime actions got "(a)t least 21 Black staffers (to leave) the White House since late last year" or intend to leave soon, Politico reported, adding:

"They describe a work environment with little support from their superiors and fewer chances for promotion."

Things are so unacceptable that a current and former Biden regime official called what's going on "Blaxit."

According to the Washington Times weeks earlier:

"(T)op-level staffers (are) bailing out of high-paying, cushy positions in Vice President Kamala Harris' office." 

"Deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh (quit) to take a job at the" war department. 

She was "at least the (10th) key (Harris) official (to quit since last) summer."

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