Biden Regime Contempt for One-China Policy

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Biden Regime Contempt for the One-China Policy

by Stephen Lendman

One-China has been official US policy since January 1, 1979 as agreed to by Jimmy Carter and Deng Xiaoping.

Trump renounced what stood the test of time for four decades.

So did Biden regime hardliners as part of their war on China by other means.

For the first time on Tuesday, Taiwan's president Tsai Ing-wen confirmed the presence of Pentagon forces on Taiwanese territory.

What Beijing no doubt knew crossed an unacceptable red line in Sino/US relations.

Claiming US troops are on the island for "training purposes, Tsai failed to disclose how many — nor what Pentagon armaments are present.

According to former Taiwanese official in favor of unification with the mainland Chiu Yi, Tsai is playing with fire.

The presence of Pentagon forces on the territory flagrantly breaches the one-China policy.

Xiamen University's Taiwan Research Center
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