Beijing Orders “Severe And Unusual” Media Censorship Of Alibaba Anti-Trust Probe

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News Story Source: Zero Hedge
Despite claims that China's richest man is alive and well and merely "laying low" (reminder – Jack Ma has not been seen in public since he made a speech criticizing the country's state-owned banks and financial regulators in October), speculation about his whereabouts grows as China's government has told the country's media to censor reporting on an antitrust probe into tech giant Alibaba.

The FT reports that at the end of December, the Chinese government's propaganda arm directed media outlets to "strictly invoke" the official line on the antitrust investigation into Alibaba and to "not make changes or engage in extended analysis without permission".

"If any company announcements oppose the official stance, do not publish, do not re-post, do not quote foreign media," the directive said, according to two people who read it.

China Reportedly Seeking to Shrink Alibaba Founder's Empire

This silencing of the Ma de
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