BBC Flashes Blatant Illuminati Symbols During ‘Match of the Day’ Promo

During a promo for the BBC’s popular ‘Match of the Day’ football highlights show last Sunday entitled “Beware the Ides of March”, a number of blatant illuminati symbols were flashed on-screen for no obvious reason other than to subliminally program the subconscious minds of the millions of sports fans watching.

The Ides of March, a day on the Roman calendar associated with the assassination of Julius Caesar and the start of the Roman Empire was used as a theme for the BBC’s promo piece whilst the seemingly unrelated illuminati pyramids & all-seeing eyes were flaunted to its licence paying viewers.

It actually makes perfect sense that the BBC, a thoroughly corrupt paedophile harbouring propaganda outlet for the British government masquerading as a ‘bastion of truth’, would want to associate itself with such symbolism as it is, ultimately, an occult mass mind controlling institution paid for by those having their minds controlled.

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