The BBC Cesspit Is Not Just About Jimmy Savile!!

This campaign has consistently stated that the BBC’s interest in Hollie’s abuse and Anne had been managed, manipulated and spiked. In the light of the Jimmy Savile revelations of sexual abuse over a 40-year period and the cover-up by the BBC, we would like to point out a few similarities in the cover-up.
Enter Mark Daly in April 2009, at the time an investigations correspondent for BBC Scotland. He first contacted Robert Green within days of the story being published in the News of the World. At this time various other mainstream media outlets were interested in the story but Daly wanted the BBC to have an exclusive, Anne and Robert were persuaded to agree to this.

They passed a great deal of documentation to Daly and spoke to him regularly on the phone, with hindsight it appears that Daly wanted to close off other avenues of publicity and to ascertain what documentation Anne possessed at that time. To this day this is the documentation their detractors have been using in an attempt to undermine and discredit the validity of that documentation.

Daly told Anne and Robert that Hollie’s story fitted with a pattern of similar abuse against the disabled in Scotland which he was investigating. He indicated that two programmes would be commissioned by BBC Scotland, one for TV and one for radio, with the likelihood of a Panorama documentary to be broadcast nationally.

Note 1: The BBC Newsnight broadcast about Savile that was spiked and is now under investigation was also commissioned by BBC Scotland.

On June 4th 2009, Daly along with two colleagues Kathy Long and Liam MacDougall, visited Anne and Hollie in person and the discussions lasted for more than five hours. They were told that they would return with a camera crew and that the first documentaries would be broadcast in August or September 2009.

Six days later they were informed out of the blue that the BBC had scrapped their plans to produce the programmes. It did not make sense that they could reach this decision after having already expended so much time, money and effort. Robert received a call from Mark Daly, stating that he and his team had been threatened with loosing their jobs and warned off the case, indeed, ordered to drop the case and even ordered not to investigate any other cases of alleged paedophilia in Scotland.

Daly has since attempted to justify the BBC’s decision to pull the plug on Hollie’s story as his own decision.

However on May 31st 2009 the blogger Anna Raccoon wrote: “Exit Mark Daly – but not before he had helpfully asked for and received from Grampian Police, the autopsy report for Roy Grieg (sic).”

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