Barbie gets woke! Mattel launches range of gender neutral dolls with a wardrobe…

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News Story Source:, By JO TWEEDY
The brand behind Barbie has launched a new line of dolls that are 'gender inclusive'.

Toy goliath Mattel says the new Creatable World doll kits are entirely 'free of labels', offering the children playing with them clothes that include both skirts and trousers and long and short hairstyles. 

The company says the range is simply a response to what modern children are asking for; saying 'kids don't want their toys dictated by gender norms.' 

Physically, the dolls appear gender neutral after Mattel consulted pediatricians on how they should look. 

The Creatable World range comes with clothing options, accessories and wigs to allow children to style the doll with short or long hair, or in a skirt, trousers or both.  

Mattel said it worked alongside a 'dedicated team of experts, parents, physicians and most importantly, kids' to create the six different kits in a variety of skin tones.

Each kit includes one
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