Banana Republic USA. Dirty Politics and Rigged Elections: Evidence of Fraud in Swing States

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News Story Source:, By Stephen Lendman
My own city of Chicago is notorious for dirty politics, rigged elections a longstanding tradition, things controlled by the Dem machine.

"Big Bill" Thompson was the city's last GOP mayor — from 1927-1931. For nearly the past 90 years, Chicago's Dem machine controlled city politics.

Longtime University of Illinois Political Science Professor Dick Simpson explained that Chicago's dirty politics "reputation is true."

In 1931, Mayor Anton Cermak created the Dem machine, winning elections the old-fashioned way by stealing them how it operated.

Machine election rigging discouraged politicians from rival parties to run for mayor and aldermanic offices.

During his 1955 – 1976 tenure as mayor, Richard J. Daley fine-tuned machine politics in the city.

His son Richard M. was Chicago major from 1989 – 2011.

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