Authorities Say 6 More Waves of COVID-19 Expected- Which Is Proof It Is Planned

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News Story Source: by MIT Technology Review
A new model shows six spikes that are projected to continue through to November 2021. The discredited staff now concludes that isolation and school closures will be needed two-thirds of the time, roughly two months on and one month off, until a vaccine is available, which will take at least 18 months.

A Chinese study showed that the country's PCR swab test is so inaccurate it gave a false positive 80% of the time for those who were diagnosed based on contact only. Nevertheless, authorities can use these tests to claim a pandemic and shut down society. Last week, Professor Anthony Costello, of University College London's Institute for Global Health, made essentially the same prediction, apparently based on the same computer models. UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the government will soon release a contact-tracing app to track everyone's movements and show the identity of everyone they come near. 

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