The Haunting Last Words of Isaac Kappy: “Now, I Am One of Them”

Isaac Kappy – the actor who accused several Hollywood figures of child abuse – died after throwing himself off a bridge. A few days prior to this fateful day, Kappy posted a haunting video about him “crossing the line” and becoming “one of them”. What … Continue reading

Something is Terribly Wrong With the “Pepper.Pics” Instagram Account

Pepper.Pics is a disturbing Instagram account containing over 1,600 pics of a young girl posing in various situations. The main theme of the pics: The sexualization of a child and occult elite symbolism.
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The Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why” Linked to a Spike in Suicide Rates

A study supported by the National Institute of Mental Health observed a near 30% increase in suicide rates amongst teenagers in the month following the release of “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix.
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The Meaning of Madonna’s “Madame X” Persona and the Video “Medellín”

Madonna introduced her fans to a new persona named Madame X – a “secret agent who changes personalities”. We’ll look at the imagery surrounding Madame X and at the occult meaning of the video Medellín.
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#FreeBritney: Is Britney Spears Being Held at a Mental Health Facility Against Her Will for MKULTRA?

A “credible source” claims that Britney Spears is being held against her will at a mental health facility since January. The cryptic social media activity of Britney’s mother appears to be confirming this claim. Is Britney undergoing MKULTRA reprogramm… Continue reading

The Complete Gallery of Kim Noble’s Paintings About Ritual Abuse

A complete gallery of Kim Noble’s paintings about ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control. Noble’s works provide a rare insight into the rituals, techniques, and symbolism used in mind control.
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The Meaning of Paul McCartney’s “Who Cares”: It’s About MK ULTRA

In the music video “Who Cares”, Paul McCartney plays the role of a “behavioral hypnotist” who treats a confused Emma Stone. The intense symbolism of the video hints to a darker practice: MK ULTRA and Monarch Mind Control.
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