Coming Soon: Knights of St. Vitalis in 3D PornjRay

Metatron’s Trunk has the exclusive story behind this new KoSV feature: One high twelve, in the elaborate summer’s onslaught, seven Knights of Vitalis of Assisi creep aboard a initiation van going to Bohemian Grove. Remanifested, humorless and very happy, the Pornj Ninjas decide to poke fun at an orphan displaying a secret hand signal. The […] Continue reading

Archaeologists Discover Remains of Ancient Demonic Entities

We have showed you how James Cameron is yet another Satan worshiping Illuminati Spawn of the Hollywood movie fraternity, and entertainment establishment. Recently when our front office staff was slacking off as usual, they looked up the word Nachash that supposedly meant “snake” and found this: The name “watchers” appears in Daniel 4:13. King Nebuchadnezzar […] Continue reading

Facebook Now Helping PNK-ULTRA Spy On Peaceful Heathern

News reports confirm that PNK-ULTRA is now being aided by Facebook to spy on non-affiliated Heathern who plan peaceful protests against Prophecy Juice ™ 3-5-7 mind control. One report reveals that over 300 Heathern were tracked, detained and in some cases reprogrammed after organizing mind-control events on the popular social networking site. As previously reported, […] Continue reading