2012 Apocalypse: The End of Time ?

A.D. 2012 Apocalypse : The End of Time?

“These same shamans told Dr. Villoldo that the world was truly coming to an end… that the planet would be transformed over the next few years in ways beyond our current ability to comprehend.”

“The Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye”

by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges

The Maya

A great deal has been written about the end times and December 21, 2012 apocalypse, the date the Mayan sacred calendar inexplicably comes to an abrupt end. Interestingly, it was an elaborately developed culture right from the start. Edgar Cayce said their ancestry came from Atlantis. This civilization went into rapid decline approximately 900 years ago.

Nevertheless, the Mayan artifacts tell us in no uncertain terms that they were master astronomers with an intimate knowledge of the heavens. And they were obsessed with recording cycles of cosmic time.

The Maya described five different ages that existed in the distant past, each lasting some 5,125 years. They have also told us that all of those ages ended with some form of physical cataclysm, which was needed to cleanse our planet of mankind’s negative karma. One has to wonder why their calendar, constructed more than two thousand years ago, mysteriously ended with the fifth age at “zero point,” on the winter solstice of 2012 the expected apocalypse. Is there no next age?

The Tibetan Wheel of Time

Equally compelling is that almost one thousand years ago, in another part of the world far from the Maya, an Indian yogi named Somanatha brought the Wheel of Time (Kalachakra) to Tibet. Soon thereafter, the first incarnate lama, Karmapa, added refinements to the Wheel’s dates.

The Wheel of Time contains a profound prophecy. Add the remaining 25 years to this date and one arrives at2012, the end of the Mayan calendar … the end of time ! The start of 2012 apocalypse ?

The Hopi

The Hopi, whose name means “people of peace,” have sacred traditions that go back thousands of years. Their time-honored teachings point to certain prophecies that would manifest just before a great purification takes place on planet Earth.

The purification would be a time when the world would shudder and tremble causing much destruction, in order to cleanse the planet of the karmic negativity we have created while serving as its caretakers. Not too long ago, the Hopis said that those prophecies have now completed. It appears that the time for purification is upon us, as we approach 2012.

The Peruvian Shamans

It will be a time in which our reality will be turned inside out, upside down and completely restructured.

These same shamans also say that something very profound will occur this time around, with a possible break occurring between spiritually awakened individuals and those who are not.

End Time Prophecies

Similar end time prophecies can be found in many Eastern and Western religious teachings, in various channeled messages given to individuals by other worldly sources, as well as in the lore of different native cultures and esoteric texts.

Some point to financial collapse or even WWIII that will usher in the end of days. Others speak of a massive shift in human awareness, in which our old ways of thinking will end, as we birth the emerging Age of Aquarius with a new collective consciousness.

Benjamin Creme

There is an intriguing message of hope that Benjamin Crème has brought to millions of people around the world for the past thirty years. After careful study, I have to admit it deserves open-minded consideration.

Then, assisted by the Masters of Wisdom, He will guide humanity out of the present mess we’ve created and work with us to build an entirely new civilization.

What raises the eyebrows is that a vast majority of these prophetic messages, some of which predate current time, are converging at this moment in human destiny. Admittedly, not all agree on the details. The 2012 apocalypse. Fingerprints of the Gods

In his best selling book, Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock conducted an exhaustive investigation into mankind’s remote past. This effort took him all over the world from the Great Sphinx, to the Hopis, to the Andean ruins and to the monuments of many ancient civilizations, including the Maya.

Hancock believes that within the records and monuments of these ancient civilizations there is an important message for us. The “fingerprints” of information that our ancestors left for us to discover and contemplate warn of terrible Earth changes that periodically afflict our planetary home. Cycles of Time

Throughout the ages, Masters and other adepts were sent to planet Earth to help us find our way. While here they realized that the flow of time in our material world was not linear but cyclic. Sacred Hindu teachings, passed down to humanity for thousands of years, tell us the same thing. This ancient knowledge was based upon the most important cycle of Earthly time called the Great Year or Maha Yuga.

The Great Year consists of 25,920 years and is said to have a profound influence on the destiny of mankind. It results from the phenomenon known as precession that is caused by the slow wobble of planet Earth, as it rotates on its axis. In variance with the Mayan calendar, the Hindu teachings describe how the Great Year is made up of four ages, or Yugas, each approximately 6,480 years in length (either way, both the Mayan calendar and Hindu wisdom agree that we are now at the extreme end of the Great cycle). Based upon the Yuga count, we are living out the final moments of the fourth age, the Kali Yuga or Iron Age, when humanity sinks to its lowest level. And we are told that such an ending will have profound implications for our cosmic evolution…. the shift in human consciousness.

The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye

I recently read a book called The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges that continued to bring the end times into further focus for me. According to the authors, an extraordinary message was carved into the mysterious cross at Hendaye, discovered in a churchyard in the south of France. It’s significance flows forward from the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, the secret knowledge of alchemy, Gnosticism, the Kabbalah, Sufism and mystical Christianity. The authors conclude that whoever carved the celestial alignments and inscriptions on this cross several centuries ago had a profound knowledge of the universe.

The body of information encoded within the cross’ message deals with the end times, the 25,920-year cycle and may very well be linked to the age of Atlantis. The authors of the Hendaye cross book have fitted together the pieces of an alchemical puzzle that does not depend upon prophesy. Rather, they point to specific celestial alignments and inscriptions embedded in the cross’ messages that connect to serious Earth changes. In fact, the next cleansing, coinciding with the general time period of 2012 apocalypse, may have already begun…. the beginning of the New Age…

According to the Henday Cross book, a mysterious alchemist named Fulcanelli left humanity certain teachings during the 1900s. Fulcanelli tells us that based upon the cross’ encoded message the northern hemisphere of planet Earth will be tried by fire, as a result of a double catastrophe. Furthermore, the cause of this catastrophic cleansing will originate from an off-earth source.

The authors of this book also cite recent scientific evidence to suggest that the periodic cataclysms afflicting our planet can be traced to explosive bursts of incomprehensible energy that periodically discharge from the center of our galaxy. In some esoteric writings the galactic core has been referred to as the Central Sun, which emits rays of divine influence that guide the evolution of our galaxy and all who inhabit it.

The enormous outbursts of light energy that come from the galactic core appear to be in sync with different stages of the 25,920-year cycle. For example, the last significant change that overtook planet Earth occurred approximately 13,000 years ago, halfway through the Great Cycle. At that time, the last Ice Age ended with catastrophic flooding, and, as some suggest, massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and perhaps a violent displacement of the Earth’s crust resulting in a pole shift.

Interestingly, recent scientific evidence published by Dr. Paul LaViolette proposes that a massive burst of super wave energy was released from the galactic core approximately 13,000 years ago. Ancient wisdom tells us that the Great Year is a function of God’s cosmic clock, which creates constant change and opportunities for our growth and evolution. In unison with other cycles, it gives rise to the natural, rhythmic flow of birth and death that affects the disappearance and reappearance of Earth changes, lunar cycles, the four seasons, and the phases of our own lives.

The Maya and others are telling us that the hands of cosmic time are once again striking twelve for mankind. As such, a transition has begun that will give birth to a divinely inspired, quantum leap in human experience.

Fulcanelli and others say that only spiritually awakened souls will remain after the coming changes. And those souls will form the seeds of future generations who will usher in and sanctify the coming Golden Age.

Related teachings indicate that in the process of separating the wheat from the chaff the spiritually aware will be brought into a higher realm of existence. The remainder of humanity would continue to awaken to their divine nature through another 25,920-year cycle on another 3-dimensional planet similar to Earth until they are ready to “graduate.”

How quickly will these changes occur? Taken together, this kind of information is a lot for the human mind to bear. I also feel it will be coupled with physical cleansing. How much upheaval occurs and to what degree it challenges our everyday lives remains to be seen. The reason is that the future is fluid and will be defined by the individual and collective choices we are making today. Clearly, we have maxed out our global home. Earth Mother cannot replenish her resources fast enough to satisfy our collective greed. The environment is almost at the point of irreversible destruction. Add to the above the recent Pentagon report of rapid climate change that could occur over the next twenty years due to global warming and we have the ingredients for climate disaster and planetary chaos. Throw in global dimming, changes in the ocean currents, which have already been reported, rapidly retreating glaciers, rampant greed, wars, deception, attempts at global domination by powerful countries, unending materialism, and self-gratification and the end result only intensifies.

For sure, there are gradual signs that higher choices are being made today for the betterment of mankind and the well being of our planet. However, baring a major miracle that can occur at any time, I see nothing tangible enough to suddenly tip the scales of humanity’s collective consciousness towards God-centeredness, love, harmony, peace, justice, and sharing and away from the current madness. And that is exactly what it will take before the rapidly closing window of opportunity to advance the human spirit closes around us.

Ancient lore says that Atlantis was destroyed because technology became God and relatively few Atlanteans were spiritually aware and living their truth. cannot eat money”

~ A Cree prophecy

The 2012 Apocalypse….. be prepared…

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2012 apocalypse : Galactic Alignments in Ancient Traditions & the Future of Humanity

2012 apocalypse :
Galactic Alignments in Ancient Traditions & the Future of Humanity

I delivered relief supplies to Quiché Maya villages in the Guatemalan highlands. Mesoamerican studies is a relatively young field. In researching and writing seven books, I have focused on decoding the ancient Mayan calendar and its associated cosmology, and I have been drawn to address one unanswered question: Why does a large cycle of time in the Mayan Long Count calendar end in the year that we call AD 2012?

Mayan scholars have spent almost a century deciphering the Mayan calendar’s relationship to our own. Utilising nested cycles of 20, 360, 7200, and 144,000 days, the Long Count culminates in a World Age cycle of 13 baktuns, which equals 5,125 years. After decades of interdisciplinary analysis, Mayan scholars Joseph T. Goodman, Juan Martínez, and J. Eric S. Thompson determined that the 13-baktun cycle of the Long Count calendar could be confidently located in real time, and its end-date would occur on in the Long Count, which corresponds to December 21, 2012. Because the end-date of the 13-baktun cycle of the Mayan Long Count calendar occurs on a winter solstice, I felt that the ancient Maya may have intended to indicate something with that end-date. For example, periods of time within the Long Count are named by their end-date; we are currently in the 4 Ahau katun of the Long Count calendar because the last day of this katun falls on 4 Ahau.

Generally, Mayan metaphors draw from nature. After nine years of research into the 2012 question, in 1998 I published my book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 apocalypse, presenting an astronomical explanation for the Mayan 2012 end-date. The precessional phenomenon that is responsible for bringing the solstice Sun into alignment with the Milky Way is caused by the slow wobbling of the Earth on its axis. Izapa – a progressive ceremonial site containing astronomical alignments and monuments portraying the Mayan Creation Myth – is evidently where the Long Count calendar was instituted.

My research shows that the ball court at Izapa is ground zero of the knowledge that a future alignment of Sun and galaxy would occur. This “solstice-galaxy” or “galactic” alignment has great significance within Mayan mythology and cosmology. In my books, especially Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 apocalypse, I show how this alignment scenario was encoded into basic Mayan institutions such as the Creation Myth, the sacred ballgame, and king accession rites.

My reconstruction of the true intention of the Mayan calendar end-date, though seemingly quite novel, gains support in my subsequent research, for I have discovered that such “galactic” concepts were recognised in other ancient cosmologies (e.g., Egyptian, Islamic, and Vedic).

The book, Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions (Inner Traditions International, 2002 – available from New Dawn Book Service), examines evidence that the alignment of the solstice Sun with the Milky Way galaxy (the “galactic alignment”) played a significant role in Old World and Eastern religious iconography and metaphysical traditions. Tracing the galactic knowledge back to ancient Vedic India, it appears that its manifestation in Islamic, Greek, Mithraic, Celtic, and Medieval Hermetic traditions is merely a nascent resurgence of a knowledge that is very ancient indeed.

It must be emphasised that this ancient “galactic cosmology” is based in empirical astronomy. The periodic alignment of the solstices with the galactic plane is basic astronomy, although discussion of it is largely absent from astronomy text books (Jean Meuss’s 1997 book Mathematical Astronomy Morsels is an exception).

As a researcher of ancient traditions, I can point to certain interpretations and reconstructions that are implied or are even unavoidable given the facts – for example, I can say with confidence that solstitial alignments to the galactic plane were significant players in ancient traditions that addressed questions of eschatology, cosmology, human salvation, and the nature of time. For example, a chapter in my new book explores Oliver Reiser’s work that suggests the Galactic Centre is a major factor in the evolution of life on Earth. My own path of discovery suggests the following: Beyond the insatiable quest for empirical physical evidence lies the transcendent challenge of metaphysics, and our materialist paradigm could benefit greatly from a serious look at the profound insights of traditional metaphysics.

I believe that many researchers are currently focusing overmuch on ancient technologies. assumes that the presence of recognisable technology is the best barometer of how advanced an ancient culture was. However, my surprising discoveries of an advanced Mayan cosmological science suggest that what is more important to explore, and what speaks clearly to a void in modern values, is the spiritual insight we find in ancient traditions. Many of us have studied and practiced various spiritual disciplines derived from ancient Hindu, Mayan, or even Egyptian teachings. The ancient Mayan civilisation understood the universal principles that create and sustain the world. These “first principles” underlie the physical laws that modern science has used to create technological miracles, but the first principles of Mayan sacred science embraced a much larger universe in which human beings were seen to be multidimensional and capable of traveling beyond time and space, beyond the confines that limit modern science with its “laws” that are valid only in the physical three-dimensional plane. We are amazed by the ancient Maya and their baffling, complicated calendar science, and how they built their huge stone cities without using beasts of burden. The ancient Vedic civilisation is not particularly celebrated for material achievements and yet, like the Maya, they enjoyed a sophisticated understanding of celestial cycles as well as a deep understanding of human spirituality. Modern historical investigation continues to push back the dating of the origins of civilisations and the advent of material technologies. This explains the ancient Maya’s isolation and independent genius which nevertheless had tapped into the same doctrines also found in ancient Vedic and Egyptian cosmology. In part 3 of the book Galactic Alignment, I explore the metaphysical ideas of the Traditionalist school, in particular the writings of esteemed scholar Ananda Coomaraswamy and symbolist philosopher René Guénon. In the Vedic doctrine of World Ages, Kali Yuga is the final age, the age of greatest spiritual darkness, and its end signals the shift to a new World Age. Clarifying some undeveloped areas within Traditionalist thought, and drawing from the insights of various Vedic commentators, I identify the galactic alignment of era-2012 apocalypse as the key to the timing of this transition, anchoring the Vedic yuga doctrine to a real astronomical event. What if ancient civilisations were aware of the Galactic Centre and the precession of the equinoxes, and that they believed that eras of galactic alignment – like the one we are struggling through right now – somehow contribute to the unfolding of consciousness on Earth?

The larger life-wave of humanity is at stake. The metaphor is about birth and death.

Unfortunately, few spend much time reflecting on death – the Great Transformer. That teaching is encoded into the Vedic theft of soma myth, and in pursuing its underlying wisdom regarding the transformation of consciousness, all of the book’s themes are integrated into the metaphysical importance of the solstice-galaxy alignment.

This brief introduction invites readers to explore more deeply the source material that contributes to my conclusions, including studies in sacred cartography, Mithraic symbolism, the Chaldean Oracles, Islamic astronomy, Vedic and Egyptian metaphysics, Hermetic studies, South American traditions, Christian architecture and iconography, and Mayan astronomy.5

For empirical scientists, astronomy is the central key that connects these questions to hard science, and the metaphysical concepts relating to these eschatological questions are, in fact, closely related to astronomy. Yet beyond empirical concerns, the role of galactic alignments in spiritual transformation is revealed as a core concept found in all of the major ancient traditions – in both the Old World and the New World. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 apocalypse and Galactic Alignment by John Major Jenkins are available from New Dawn Book Service.

2012-apocalypse-why-enlightenment-no longer matter ?

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2012 Apocalypse : Why Enlightenment No Longer Matters?

2012 Apocalypse :
Why Enlightenment No Longer Matters?Some regard it as becoming a Buddha or the completion of a human being. Some ascetic devotees have categorized it into several levels according to the type of sounds heard through the ears of the mind whereas others have argued that there is no such thing as enlightenment.

In spite of ongoing controversies, there is a general consensus on enlightenment among ascetic devotees. Enlightenment means the discovery of one’s inner Buddha-nature or true self through which one can obtain absolute peace of mind. It is also believed to offer one the freedom to leave the earth, enabling one to escape from reincarnation. Though there are still many controversies about the principles and operations of reincarnation, ardent wishes of ascetic devotees to escape from continuing the lives of suffering increase the attachment to enlightenment.

There are problems in most of the ascetic devotees’ perceptions of ascetic practice and enlightenment. First of all, they believe that ascetic practices are always good, and mundane everyday life has nothing beneficial to ascetic practice and enlightenment. However, there is no need to distinguish ascetic practice from everyday life if one agrees that the true purpose of life is to accumulate true knowing through vivid experiences. In other words, true knowing can be accumulated through not only ascetic practice but also everyday life.

The characteristics of accumulated knowing differ between ascetic practice and everyday life. Among the various relationships to be learned in a life, ascetic life offers intensive learning of the relationships with the heaven, the universe, and divine providence whereas everyday life mostly provides the learning of various human relationships. From the viewpoint of spiritual growth, however, one kind of knowing is not more important than the other, and thus ascetic life is not more important than ordinary life. There are only more or less urgent experiences from the standpoint of each soul’s progress and accumulated knowing.

One thing that ascetic devotees do not know well or misunderstand is the relationship between enlightenment and geun-gi (the original capacity to understand Buddha’s teachings), or consciousness level. Especially, most Buddhists assume that everyone has Buddha-nature and can achieve enlightenment through right practices. However, as I explained in other essays, humans are beings who become awakened little by little through numerous reincarnations. Enlightenment or the accumulation of true knowing can never be achieved at once but can only be achieved gradually through vivid experiences.

Sudden enlightenment may seem to exist from the viewpoint of the current life, but no such thing exists from that of long-term reincarnations. One’s enlightenment in the current life is only possible because enough knowing has been accumulated through one’s numerous past lives. One who does not have enough knowing accumulated through past lives or who has a low geun-gi cannot achieve enlightenment no matter how hard one may try.

We come to realize that ascetic devotees’ attachment to enlightenment is useless if we understand enlightenment as a special spiritual experience undergone suddenly by an opportunity when one has reached a certain threshold through sufficient accumulation of true knowing. The dream can never come true no matter what special ascetic practices they may try. The dream of enlightenment becomes another attachment to them, which may interfere with their spiritual growth.

While Buddha implied that a soul grows little by little through long-term reincarnations, referring to geun-gi, only few ascetic devotees seem to understand it correctly, and most Buddhist high monks seem not to try to mention it for various reasons. Thus, in the prevalence of the delusive story that anyone can achieve enlightenment through ascetic practices, sayings about the importance of ascetic practices has been passed on, being distorted and exaggerated.

Since enlightenment can never be achieved within a short time no matter how hard one may try, hastiness is unnecessary. Every soul grows step by step through all of the essential processes and progresses, as learning all the necessary things. Someday enlightenment may come naturally when true knowing is accumulated enough.

Another reason ascetic devotees should abandon the idea of enlightenment is related with the ongoing changes of the earth. Enlightenment is a unique experience on the earth, where various souls with different levels of consciousnesses coexist. The earth has been a material planet isolated from the universe, and all of the beings reincarnated into human bodies have had tough and vivid experiences.

Nevertheless, the earth is going through great changes, and its characteristics will completely change. Up to now, the earth as a special learning place and an isolated planet has been closed to outer space in principle. However, human beings—who are to be reborn—will be true “cosmic humans,” using various communication channels and freely interacting with beings in outer space. Thus, the reincarnation system, which prevented the souls from leaving the earth, will no longer exist, and enjoying absolute freedom by escaping from the earth will no longer be limited to the enlightened beings. In other words, enlightenment—a special event in spiritual growth that has been very meaningful to the souls on the earth—will completely lose its significance.

As the new era comes, words such as ascetic practice and enlightenment will gradually disappear. As everyday life becomes like ascetic practice and vice versa, there will be no need to talk about ascetic practice anymore. Moreover, as most people on the earth transform themselves into true “cosmic humans,” enlightenment will no longer have a special meaning.

Though it is true that everything in the universe keeps changing, the earth at the moment is particularly undergoing special changes which have never occurred since the start of modern civilization. They will start with energy changes and continue on to physical ones. Meanwhile, the meanings and significances of many teachings which have been regarded as orthodox are changing. As time goes by, teachings in the past will lose their significances, and the teachings of great saints, which many people have assumed as eternal truth, will be interpreted differently.

From the perspective beyond the Buddhist or Christian frameworks, the teachings of one of the most exemplary saints on the earth—Buddha or Jesus Christ—are also dependent on the period. Each man delivered his messages most suitable to the situations at that time and offered teachings that can effectively lead the people of that specific period. However, they never showed the whole picture of the universe, and not all of their teachings contain absolute value that is timeless. Many ascetic devotees still adhere to traditional teachings and orthodox practices. When we adhere to “orthodox” views, we can never escape from our own frameworks and egotism.

As the earth changes, many messages are now delivered to us through various channels. Many messages are the same, but there are also many messages that contradict one another. Blindly believing these messages may bring one to great confusion, but this can be avoided by using one’s inner guide system. People who can sense gi (subtle energy) can feel the energy from the messages while others can listen to their inner feelings. When someone speaks of cosmic truth, we feel touched and resonate with it. Many beings that have come to the earth for the earth’s Great Change have begun to awaken, and some of them have started their tasks, delivering messages from the universe. We can feel who the true workers are through our feelings or the energy that our bodies perceive. It is never appropriate to close one’s heart and distrust them for the reason that their teachings, words, and behaviors are different from those of traditional ascetic devotees or saints. Their levels of consciousnesses may be much higher than those of the traditional holy people. Sensing with your inner feelings and body before judging with your head is required of all the courageous souls in the earth that have chosen to live in this special period. 2012 Apocalypse


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2012 : Toward the Consciousness of the Wholeness

2012 : Toward the Consciousness of the Wholeness

2012 apocalypseThe special journey, which I have not expected at all, and the change of consciousness induced by it were never easy or restful, but they caused an inner change that was beyond my imagination.

One afternoon in early April, never having had any expectation or anticipation, I encountered a message that said, “Leave immediately!” I left Incheon International Airport at that night without informing even those closest to me, let alone the university, and in the next morning arrived at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand.

As my aura field encompassing my body has been undergoing a great change for quite a while, I have been experiencing more and more physical pain because of people’s negative waves. After I arrived in New Zealand, such process grew more profoundly, thereby leading to a state where I became very sensitive to the surrounding energy. Thus, I began to instinctively avoid the energy released by people and animals and also started to worry seriously about how I am to live without any contact with the human world. Because of the waves greatly released by mass media, I could not think about watching TV, reading a newspaper, or surfing the Internet, and I entered a state where I could not but completely entrust running my website to other people.

As a country where energy pollution caused by humans is incomparably less pervasive than any other countries, New Zealand is a treasure house of energy where pure energy is left here and there. However, since it is also a place where people live, negative waves generated by human minds were polluting the surroundings and their livestock. Such negative waves were severe enough to instantly hurt and paralyze my body, so I could not help avoiding places where people gather. Furthermore, while driving, I was greatly hurt owing to the waves released by the vehicles running at the front and rear of my car or those approaching from the opposite direction. Wherever I went, I felt uncomfortable because of the energy absorbed at places and in space where people had slept or sat. I could not but live almost like a recluse who could not sleep or eat where people could do, and I needed to totally avoid places where they were active.

New Zealand is comprised of the North island and the South island; a lake located in the South island holds very pure and special energy. Because one has to drive awhile on unpaved roads of the ranches with grazing cattle and sheep, it is a secluded place where hardly anyone can be found even in the daytime. I stayed near the lake for two weeks to purify my body, especially the accumulated human emotions. My daily routine consisted of walking to the lake in the morning, spending time there, and returning to the lodge in the evening. During my stay there my body became more sensitive, but simultaneously the change of my consciousness was proceeding. As I received the pure and special energy hidden in New Zealand, my human emotions accumulated during the past lives, let alone this life, resolved. I turned to a state where I felt the wholeness, steadily distancing from the separate consciousness stemmed from an entity called “I”. Particularly, as I started to feel clearly the moments that I have lived throughout, recognizing myself as “Prof. Jang,” were an illusion, my consciousness slowly began to remain in the wholeness.

My change is not yet complete, but I have changed enough to live a new way of life, and my consciousness has transformed to one that always feels the wholeness, escaping from the illusion of separation. Such change is happening not only to me but also to many beings who sympathize with the Gaia Project, but my change may be felt more dramatic than that of others. Despite the sudden stop of my lectures last semester because of the trip to New Zealand, through the efforts of my fellow faculty members, I happened to lecture again this semester. However difficult the things happening may be felt, you will understand and accept them and even feel harmony in them if you watch the things happening, staying in the consciousness of the wholeness.

2012 Apocalypse

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Recent Operations of UFOs

Recent Operations of UFOs

2012 apocalypse..

Yesterday’s news (October 10) of Seoul, Korea reported the sightings of hundreds of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) hovering over Gwanghwamun Street, the central business district of Seoul, for thirty minutes before vanishing. A video clip taken by a UFO expert photographer also appeared in the news. Although the media cautiously covered the incident because it was conscious of controversies that may be stirred up by certain groups regarding the UFOs’ validity, I felt the UFOs on the video were real, considering the movements demonstrated and the energies emanated from them. I feel that UFOs started trying to show their existence purposefully to the general public, contrary to the past. This mass appearance of UFOs is the second occurrence since they were seen flying in formation, witnessed in Mexico in June of this year.

One day, however, I found myself accepting the existence of UFOs naturally without a doubt. It was last summer when I first started to discover UFOs in the sky. Lying down on the ground of an island near Tong-yoeng Beach in Korea, I started to distinguish between the stars and the other objects in the sky, with the help from a person whose hobby was observing UFOs every night. Among the objects, I found many “special stars” showing such movements only possible to UFOs. At the moment, there are numerous UFOs in the sky. They vary greatly in their shapes, duties, and original dimensions. Also, most UFOs are here to carry out their tasks related with the Gaia Project (“UFO Guides”). These UFOs or space vehicles are of different shapes and sizes, depending on where they come from and what they do. They range from gigantic-sized ones similar to those seen in the movie Independence Day to smaller ones holding one or two beings. As to the UFO Guides, some of them oversee heavily populated regions respectively while others patrol around several regions. The UFO in charge of the entire Korean peninsula is stationed in a particular area, and it communicates with and controls all UFO Guides around the world.

Because UFOs are originally non-material, human eyes cannot see them unless they transform themselves into third-dimensional materials. Thus, the UFOs in the earth’s sky have not been witnessed by the general public except for special cases. In this regard, the hundreds of UFOs seen in the sky above Gwanghwamun Street a few days ago seem to have had the intention of demonstrating their existence. Their appearance may well be pertained to the Gaia Project, and I expect that there will be more purposeful UFO appearances like this one in the future.

Recent appearances of UFOs seem to be related to last month’s shutdown of the spiritual world of the earth and the souls’ boarding the UFOs. Since early 2005, beings who left their physical bodies were prohibited to enter the spiritual world. Recently, an order to board the stand-by UFOs were given to the souls hanging around in the material world after their physical deaths. Thus, the UFOs carrying souls have begun to leave for their own destinations since early October. The huge exodus of beings that had stayed on the earth finally began. The mass emigration of most of the souls in the earth—one of the key events of the earth’s Great Change that is to happen for the next few years— has just begun.

It is important for all humans on the earth to realize what period we are living in and to live with the understanding of the Gaia Project and its progress. After leaving their physical bodies, they will undergo a purification process and will leave the earth for outer space.

However, the Project Guides must carry out their individual tasks before the death of their physical bodies and thus need to purify themselves first before starting the tasks. The most important aspect in the course of purification is releasing all egotistic traits and preconceived notions accumulated so far. The extent of difficulties depends on how much preconceived notions one has accumulated during the many lives, especially the present life, on the earth.

The Gaia Project is proceeding with full preparation and careful concern.

2012 apocalypse

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The Expansion of Consciousness toward Multi-dimensional Universe-2

2012 Apocalypse

The Expansion of Consciousness toward Multi-dimensional Universe-2

While I have met many people with great spiritual abilities, including those with some extraordinary capabilities, one person was the key to shake my whole life and to have me make a quantum leap toward the multi-dimensional universe. As we shared diverse experiences during the first few months since the summer of 2002 and afterward, I began to open my eyes to more concrete knowledge of life, the universe, and the earth’s Great Change.

For instance, by watching this person shift to the consciousness of a particular past life and re-enact an event and a conversation at that time, and by knowing my relationship with this person during my past lives, I started to understand the connection between this life and the past lives. At times, this person told me about the state of my mind or body and the future events by reading my body energy or my iris. This person also channeled messages from higher dimensional entities to me about my true identity. I also heard about various special cosmic information as follows: the scenes at the elderly’s committee meeting at Sirius; stories about our meetings in the universe; stories about visiting the cosmic libraries classified by levels for the preparation for life on the earth after deciding the subject matter of learning; the information that enlightenment is the crux of the training method put forward by the star where the being that reincarnated as Buddha resides; the information that there are formulae for material manifestation; and the number of cosmic entities visiting the earth for the Great Change. Many parts of the messages and information I received then were later reconfirmed one by one through information gathered from past life regressions experienced by many people. Many of them unanimously confirmed that my higher self is located at Sirius. One person vividly recalled that she was a conscious entity at a star far away from the earth, and when she met me, who was then recruiting workers for the project of the earth’s Great Change, she volunteered for the project. Many remembered that before moving into the earth, they had undergone a preparation process in Sirius or Pleiades for entering the earth. I have also observed some “Guides” converse with their higher selves in the universe.

After going through this process, my consciousness is now almost always residing in the universe, feeling as if the stories about the universe and the earth’s Great Change were those of my next-door neighbor. Most people who first read my writings will take them for the wildest dreams coming from muddled consciousness, but I say with a clearer consciousness than anyone else that the earth’s Great Change planned long ago by the universe is now unfolding.

The universe is spread almost limitlessly up to the tenth dimension, and differences in vibration frequency separate each dimension. Different dimensions mean totally different worlds. Every entity in the universe leads its life under a definite hierarchy based on the principles and plans of respective dimension, galaxy, star, and planet. There may be some frictions between dimensions or galaxies, but lower dimensions cannot go astray from the plans and adjustments made by higher dimensions.

Even if they had some, they might not have expanded their consciousnesses, which are full of preconceived notions, toward the multi-dimensional universe. Until only a few centuries ago, humans had thought that the sun was revolving around the earth, putting everything into earth-centric, anthropocentric perspectives. Thanks to the progress made in cosmological sciences, fragmental pieces of information on the universe have been accumulated, and some notable novelists and artists with expanded consciousnesses have created copious novels and movies. Despite these works, however, few seem able to imagine the multi-dimensional universe unfolding layers upon layers. The world that people and established religions have heretofore talked about is mostly limited to the third- and the fourth-dimensional worlds surrounding the earth. The third dimension represents the material part of the earth perceptible with the five senses; the fourth dimension, closely related to the third dimension, is a world that includes the world of life after death (the spiritual world), or what has often been called the heaven, and the energy world (or the world of thought forms and ghosts) created and influenced by human consciousness. While the advance of modern science has prompted religious and spiritual leaders to mention the universe more frequently, they seem to have just replaced the word “heaven” with “the universe,” hardly appreciating the difference between the two.

Thus, it is quite unlikely that most people, whose consciousnesses stay in the third or fourth dimensions, or the earthly realm, will comprehend the multi-dimensional universe. It is even more unlikely that they will understand or accept a certain project, which is planned in the higher dimensional universe, is now being carried out on the earth. If anyone finds the story about the multi-dimensional universe easily acceptable, he or she may be one of those with the memories of life in the outer space of the fifth dimension or higher.

The earth’s Great Change signifies the ascension of the earth into the fifth dimension, meaning that humans, animals, and plants will have vibrations not lower than the fifth dimension. Hence, as the Great Change is well underway now, the human race must face the absolute necessity to raise their consciousnesses to the fifth dimension or higher. However, almost all spiritual practices on the earth—including ascetic practices related with meditation, and Taoist exercises focusing on building up lower or middle chakra—stop short of moving beyond the realm of the mind. For example, methods of spiritual practice focusing on the mind can be considered a fourth-dimensional one surpassing the third-dimensional material world by opening up the fourth-dimensional heart chakra. While these practices may lead one to experience so-called enlightenment, they will not lead one to raise one’s consciousness to the fifth dimension or higher.

Elevating one’s consciousness is not achieved by arduously clearing and emptying one’s mind, but it occurs naturally with the expansion of consciousness—that is, the expansion of awareness. Our consciousnesses expand first by recognizing the existence of the world imperceptible to the five senses and then by becoming firmly aware of the fact that our material world is but a tiny fraction of the multi-dimensionally layered universe. When we gradually remove the thought that I, our society, our nation, or our earth is at the center of the universe, our consciousnesses can make a quantum leap forward. The further we are from egocentric thoughts, the more our consciousnesses can expand.

Shifting from earthly consciousness to universal consciousness is crucial for everyone living on the earth now. This task of moving forward is even more crucial especially for those remaining in the fourth-dimensional consciousness, namely, ascetic devotees or truth seekers who are aware of imperceptible non-material world but still hold earth-centric viewpoints. Through the earth’s coming Great Change, they may ascend to the fifth dimension, or they may stay in the fourth-dimensional consciousness. Those who ascend to the fifth dimension through consciousness expansion can choose either to remain in the newly-born earth or to move to another fifth dimensional star.

In front of the human race await a series of amazing physical changes that will topple preexistent notions and knowledge. Up to now, the earth has served as a special training field for self-learning through experiences, so all experiences have been precious to us. We need a cosmic perspective that does not get blinded by spiritual organizations still submerged in earth-centric thoughts and that is free from preconceived notions and views oneself and the society impartially.

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Memories of Lemuria-1

2012 Apocalypse
Memories of Lemuria-1

Unlike other festive days, last Lunar New Year’s Day had a new meaning to me. I have not been attending the ancestral memorial services for years under the pretext that I need not aggravate the traffic congestion caused by people’s traveling to their hometown on festive holidays. Nevertheless, I used to say hello to my siblings on the phone around the Harvest Moon Festival (Korean Thanksgiving) or Lunar New Year’s Day. On this Lunar New Year’s Day, however, even such phone calls disappeared.

Since I experienced fundamental changes of body and mind years ago, my human relationship naturally came to be newly arranged even though I made no intentional attempts for any change. My human relationships began to change as I neither felt anything special about my family and siblings nor felt the importance of friends and relatives. In this process, I experienced the collapse of the long-lasted framework of family, naturally became distant from my siblings, and hardly contacted or met my friends and relatives. Because my view on life has become very different and my interests have completely changed, a meaningful conversation with them became impossible.

The closer people were to me, the harder it was for them to accept my changes. My internal changes, however, were too resolute and fundamental for me to be concerned about other people’s thoughts or feelings.

I thought to myself, “If I change this way, it will be hard for me to make a living in the future!” Thereafter, never did I worry about my change and future, nor did I have a conflicting mind caused by the concerns of people around me. Not even having the slightest thought of trying to change my relationship with others in any way, I experienced that my human relationships changed naturally. All changes proceeded very smoothly, and I used to discover myself accepting them with an easy mind without any emotional stir.

On the other hand, most people who are spiritually awakening now, particularly those who have very high consciousnesses, are experiencing great emotional conflicts to different extents. They discover a new world as their spirituality is awakened through various opportunities, but they undergo serious struggle, realizing how hard it is to pursue spirituality in a material civilization. Surrounded by the high walls of reality, they find themselves in a dilemma.

In dealing with the above problems, many religious or spiritual leaders have argued for being in harmony with reality. They say that it is a very selfish deed deviating from human obligation to be at odds with people around you and to avoid emotional or economic responsibilities by pursuing do. Depending on one’s level of consciousness, people may well feel and perceive life differently. It is very natural for religious leaders to consider the harmony between spirituality and reality important since their perceptions still remain in the material world.

Those who know the essence of life and have certainly realized that humans are spiritual beings can understand that harmony with reality actually means making a compromise with reality, which indicates conceding or yielding to reality. If humans are spiritual beings for sure, it is reasonable to prioritize the growth of one’s spirit. However, if one keeps on pursuing material things in the name of harmony with reality, this deed cannot be regarded as harmony.

The reason some truth seekers are greatly in conflict with reality is that either their practices have not reached a sufficiently high level or their spiritual awakenings are still in progress. From the viewpoint of consciousness level, being awakened means that one’s current consciousness is elevated to the level of one’s knowing that was accumulated through many past lives, or to one’s innate level of consciousness. Awakening usually progresses through many stages during a long period. At the early stage, consciousness or perception expands through daily life or ascetic practice. This expansion occurs as one’s focus of consciousness expands from oneself to the neighbors, human beings, and to the universe and from material to non-material things. A complete awakening includes a clear awareness of one’s existence. Humans have a great amount of memories accumulated through many past lives. Since humans are essentially beings that respond based on the memories of many experiences, knowing oneself or being awakened means realizing what past lives one had in the universe and on the earth, in addition to knowing one’s future direction.

2012 Apocalypse

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Liberation from Human

Liberation from Human
2012 ApocalypseWe all know what kind of beings humans are without having to quote famous philosophers and saints. While humans struggle to satisfy animal instincts or desires like other life forms, they also show a very noble nature that leap beyond animal instincts. For example, they think, imagine, or doubt the meaning of life, the true nature of humans, and the unfolded universe. Sometimes, they help other people or other life forms unconditionally. Thus, humans are really incomprehensible and are special beings with a mysterious combination of animal instincts and divine nature.

However, despite a great deal of studies and pursuits by scholars, religionists, and people on the path, studies on human beings do not seem to have made much progress. They have presented quite a good understanding of human characteristics revealed externally, but they have failed to understand the true nature of humans. It is because their obsessions with the external human appearances and forms kept them from accepting the fact that the human essence is soul, which is non-material. It is also because they basically assume that the essence of humans and animals is fundamentally different—an assumption induced by the assurance of human superiority to animals and plants.

As described in the book The Gaia Project, the human essence is consciousness or soul and is not different from other life forms. Every being is created by the first consciousness in the universe as a form of consciousness or soul. Each is characterized by the information endowed at the moment of creation and the memories accumulated through numerous experiences thereafter. Therefore, from the viewpoint of essence, each being is not distinguished by their current appearances and forms, but by the quantity and quality of the information they memorize. In other words, there is no human essence distinguishable from that of other life forms. Thus, the essence of humans can not be discussed separately from that of other beings and life forms.

Once a consciousness or soul is incarnated into a materialized life form, it shows the characteristics appropriate to the role given to each life form. Hence, each animal and plant shows its own characteristics unique to its species while a human being shows human characteristics. Namely, in this material earth, depending on the material shell into which a certain being is incarnated, beings are distinguished into humans, animals, or plants, and each accordingly shows different characteristics. Of course, even among humans, they show almost infinite differences depending on their life plans as well as the information they have as a consciousness or soul.

As for humans, people have regarded the mysterious combination of physical and non-physical traits as their original features or nature. They have also understood that human characteristics reveal diverse aspects, besides animal instincts, such as selfishness, jealousy, desire for control, longing for fame, being faithful to one another, human love, care, and mercy. However, these characteristics are shown because diverse consciousnesses or souls incarnated into human material shells. Thus, from the perspective of essence, they can all be called human disguises.

As a teenager, I was fascinated by the phrase “human, all too human” written by an author and used to murmur it for a while. Thinking and acting humanly by living as a human being seemed really wonderful to me at that time. I had a very “sound” thought that humans should pursue physical instinct and human nobility since we have physical bodies like any other animals as well as innate human dignity. It will not be desirable to stick to animal instincts since we are humans, nor will it be genuine to try to speak and act too elegantly while one ignores physical instincts.

Even though I had such perspective on humans, now I feel that I am at my last stage to release my human disguise. Observing unexpected fundamental changes of my body and mind, which are described in my past writings, I came to realize that the very “human thoughts” I had as a teenager were far from truth. As I started to learn the true world one by one, I came to understand that most of the so-called human characteristics originated from the human body. Humans are spiritual beings in essence, and thus freeing oneself from physical characteristics means getting nearer to one’s essence.

Usually, I rarely have dreams, and even if I have one, I do not remember it well. The other was my fellow professor who tries to help me a lot from a human perspective. Those whose consciousnesses are totally embedded in material things, or who have certain frameworks of spiritual path will disapprove the idea of being free from human traits and condemn it as being immoral or anti-ethical. However, people who have interests in spiritual paths and even a little understanding of enlightenment will not oppose to getting away from human traits. Those who have become a true enlightened person, after realizing the truth of life and the universe, will stay indifferent, being free from human characteristics like attachment and discernment in particular. They will no longer act or speak like typical humans. Thus, it is nonsense to demand human duties or expect human affection from them and to condemn them for being immoral or anti-ethical. Being free from human disguise is equal to becoming a truly enlightened person, to being free from the material consciousness of the third dimension, and to being reborn into a true Guide if one has a task related with the Gaia Project.

Now the Guides of the Gaia Project are awakening collectively, experiencing various energy changes. Through this process, each Guide will be totally or almost free from human disguise. If you find yourself emphasizing closeness in human relations, valuing human obligations, and pursuing human tastes, you should know that you are attached to the third-dimensional consciousness. Also, one has to be reborn into a true “cosmic citizen” with a cosmic perspective.

Now is the time necessary to clearly recognize first that you have been living in a material shell and to mentally prepare to take off the shell anytime when the time comes.

2012 Apocalypse

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Finding Messages from the Moments of Life

Finding Messages from the Moments of Life
2012 APOCALYPSEEach individual perceives the world differently in spite of possessing identical sensory organs. While reading a newspaper or watching a TV program, people only receive the information interesting to them because of the filtering function of their minds. Especially, their different consciousness levels make them understand an identical event completely differently.

Although people perceive and interpret the world differently according to their existing knowledge, notions, and consciousness levels, their world views can be divided into three types as follows. The “ordinary” people whose consciousnesses stay in the material world possess viewpoints that belong to this type. From their viewpoints, there are mysterious phenomena in the world and unanswerable fundamental questions in life. They cannot figure out why they were born of their biological parents, and why they have to live such harsh lives while others enjoy their entire lives with fame and fortune.

The second type sees the world with the perception of the invisible world of gi or energy. Especially, the majority of the people with out-of-body experiences or spiritual faculties have this perspective. Based on their own sense of gi, many mysterious experiences, flashing images and vivid impressions, or out-of-body traveling experiences, they talk about the fundamental energy world unfolding beyond the material world. They clearly understand that the world continuously changes by the opposition, collision, and harmony of yin and yang, light and dark, or good and evil energies. They say that in the universe not only the visible material world exists, unfolding horizontally, but also different worlds of diverse dimensions beyond imagination unfold endlessly while overlapping one another.

Through their experiences, these people perceive that humans are beings that exist beyond birth and death. They understand that there are energies behind everything happening in the material world and that these energies can be changed and controlled by human minds. Also, life is created and selected by one’s mind, and the world is created by people. Consequently, those that see and interpret life from the perspective of energy have a much broader view on life than the ones tied up in material perspective, and they accept what others regard as nonsensical stories. Even to them, however, many things in life still remain as unsolved questions. As mentioned earlier, life is thought to be created by mind, but they wonder why their own lives do not unfold as they intend. They are curious why a person’s future is not realized as predicted by clairvoyance. Also, they cannot easily understand why divine providence put the world in disorder by creating negative energy, or dark energy.

The third type views the world as a field for experiences and regard humans as beings that experience by acting out their scenarios on stage. The world consists of the material world perceptible by the fives senses and the more essential energy world. Besides, everything in the world proceeds according to diverse levels of scenarios. Usually, this type of view is held by those who look back on their lives after a long period of ascetic practices and by those who realize that their lives, which seem to progress by their own will or choices, have actually progressed by certain invisible power.

A majority of people cannot easily accept the third type because they have vivid feelings that every moment of their lives is created and decided by themselves, and they tend to identify the value of humans with free will. However, recollecting that some accidental incidents or situations have unexpectedly turned the directions of their lives, they come to feel that their current lives have proceeded according to scenarios planned long time ago.

People with this perspective certainly feel that life does not advance according to one’s will or choice though they know well that energy is more essential than material, and our minds can change energy. They understand that the energy world sensible to people with spiritual abilities or to out-of-body travelers is just a small part of the invisible world in most cases and that it is usually limited to the low dimensional realm. They also know that the world that can be changed by our minds is limited to the fourth-dimensional astral world. On the other hand, they come to feel that the scenario of one’s life, which cannot be changed by one’s free will, and the collisions and oppositions constantly occurring in the material and the energy worlds have been planned in the higher dimension for experiences.

Those who see life from this level often find the existence of another self watching everything while they experience vivid sensations and emotions. When beginning to see life in this way, one comes to feel clearly that life is a vivid play for experience. Thus, one lives by surrendering oneself to divine providence or lives according to the life planned by his or her Higher Self. This is the life of wu-wei (??, doing nothing unnatural or artificial) that Lao-tzu spoke of and the life of Jesus Christ who prayed to God to be in his will rather than his own one until the last moment. Also, it is also the life of Buddha, who said that life is a maya.

As time goes by, however, their viewpoint turns to the third type. For example, even a renowned doctor cannot cure a chronic disease until the patient undergoes sufficient experiences; if a patient is cured, it is not because the healer cured him or her, but because it is time for the patient to be healed. They realize that the experiences one undergoes in life are those planned ahead because of necessity. They also come to realize that the experiences cannot be avoided easily, nor is it desirable for people to try to avoid them.

Those who become aware that life proceeds by a predetermined scenario rather than continuous events that happen by accident find hints for the future often in their present lives. As one can find a presage of the protagonist’s future in a novel, a play, or a movie, various hints on the future are given in one’s everyday life. One submerged in one’s diverse emotions that arise every moment will have difficulty in finding these kinds of hints or messages whereas one who observes oneself or is awakened will find them relatively easily. Especially, it is common that comparatively strong messages are given to a person who encounters a turning point in one’s life. These messages are revealed in diverse ways as follows: on signboards suddenly noticeable, in eye-catching newspaper articles, TV news, or contents of books, in a special encounter with a person, in extraordinary dreams, in special experiences (for example, past life regression), or in an encounter with a special number.

Some spiritual devotees never overlook the numbers encountered in their everyday lives. If one understands that messages are incessantly delivered during one’s life and that, especially, important ones are repeatedly delivered through various channels, it is desirable to look back on one’s own path or prepare for the future by listening to the messages sensed at the moment.

People who discover messages in their lives do their best in work and accept the results of their work naturally. Also, they gradually distance themselves from the lives subject to instant changes of joy and grief. Though emotions may arise at the moment when certain event happens, they are free from the emotions the second they realize the message of the event. If one perceives that everything in the universe changes according to its respective plans, life itself may be felt as an amusing puzzle game.

Perhaps, you may be thrilled to realize that divine providence has prepared the opening of the new world one by one without attracting most of the people’s attentions.

Accepting life as a message is required of all human beings living in this special period of time. It is important to recognize the scenario behind the phenomena for oneself instead of being frustrated or angry while one experiences the unexpected phenomena or events individually or socially.


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The Physics of 2012 Apocalypse

The Physics of 2012 Apocalypse

What does the Shift entail? It is a higher degree expression of the same Realm Dynamics underlying our daily experiences. At the moment we all share the same planet, and separation among people of incompatible learning paths amounts to geographic separation at best, but more usually involves a simple synchronistic barrier between them so that they rarely cross paths in life. between dissonant population sectors grow, and as conditions on this planet increasingly leave less room for everyone’s freewill to be accommodated in the same space and time, there will be increasing pressure for more extreme means of separation. According to Realm Dynamics, what begins as mere dislike between individuals can grow to parting of ways, a parting of timelines, and finally parting of dimensions. It is cellular mitosis on the hyper dimensional scale.

What causes the Shift? It’s possible that radiating outwardly from the galactic center are spiral arms of greatly altered gravitational potential. As our solar system moves around the galactic center, it will cyclically enter and exit these spiral arms so that all planets and the Sun experience a simultaneous change in their gravitational potential. General Relativity: Reaching the Portal Threshold

The galactic center is a super massive black hole, and black holes are exits from our universe. To understand black holes, one must first understand gravity. All masses give off gravitational force

fields that cause other masses to fall towards them and vice versa.

But underlying this field is a more fundamental field known as the gravitational potential. To make an analogy, if the gravity force field is like the downward slope of a hill, then gravitational

potential is the measure of height at any point on that slope. Or if the force field is like wind, the potential is like air pressure. It takes changes in gravitational potential over some distance to

produce a gravitational force field, just as it takes changes in height to make a slope that things can roll down, or changes in air pressure to create wind. On earth, each height above the surface (or distance from planetary center) carries a different gravitational potential, which creates a “slope” pointing downward (to the center) causing objects to fall if released.

It is evident from Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity that the gravitational potential also sets the rate of time and scale of space. Clocks run slower and vertical rulers are shorter at lower

altitudes because the gravitational potential is stronger there. A black hole is so compact and massive that its gravitational potential some distance away is already strong enough to slow time

to a stop and shrink a dimension of space to zero. From our perspective, an object entering the event horizon will appear frozen in time, while the object itself is instantly propelled toward eternity and either ejected out of our physical universe or destroyed in the process.

Anyone entering a black hole will most likely be smushed to death because the changes in gravitational potential near the event horizon are so steep that the associated forces are too much to bear. But remember that it is the gravitational potential itself, and not the force field, that slows time and shrinks space. Therefore it is possible to have the same spacetime bending effects without any dangerous forces if the gravitational potential, despite being intense, varies very little within a given volume of space. So as long as the spatial gradient in the gravitational potential is negligible, the potential itself can vary freely without accompanying forces.

Where things get interesting is what happens beyond the event horizon, or to put it another way, beyond the value of gravitational potential necessary to stop time. General Relativity has an equation showing how the gravitational potential determines time dilation:

As you can see, the more negative the gravitational potential, the greater the dilated time. Upon reaching a critical value, the potential causes the dilated time to become infinite, meaning that

This critical value of potential may be called the portal condition:

The portal condition is found precisely at the event horizon of a black hole, but can exist elsewhere in gradient-free and thus force-free form. If the potential grows even more negative than the portal condition, then not only does the time rate shrink to zero, but it actually becomes imaginary. What we know as everyday linear time is real time. Imaginary time can vary without a single second of real time ticking by, and so it is the only time that continues to exist after one crosses the portal threshold.

Quantum Physics: Beyond the Portal Threshold

It ejects one from real spacetime into imaginary spacetime, which is called hyperspace according to physics, timespace according to the Ra Material, and antimatter or etheric universe according to the Cassiopaeans. If linear time (real time) is really a loop, then crossing zero time and entering hyperspace would mean exiting from that loop. whereby consciousness alone chooses from a multiple set of “movie reels” which one to play next. This choice is represented in quantum mechanics as a particular “quantum phase,” a single angle of alignment or position along the quantum wave function. What is the wave function? Unlike particles, which exist as tangible things in a single universe, a wave function is the collection of this particle’s possible states as existing across all its parallel universes simultaneously. When consciousness observes a wave function, it automatically selects from the wave a single phase to lock onto and turn into an tangible possibility to experience.

So after entering hyperspace, it is imaginary time and the fundamental quantum phase (perhaps they are the same thing) that provide the primary measure markers of navigation. After entering hyperspace, consciousness can automatically phase-lock onto the linear timeline of choice and emerge into it by punching back through the portal threshold into real spacetime.

The Shift as Macroscopic Quantum Wave Expansion

As mentioned, the hypothesis given here is that the galactic center radiates waves or spiral arms of altered

gravitational potential. Whatever the mechanism, if the solar system undergoes a gravitational

potential change that exceeds the portal condition, our reality would literally become unglued.

See, the reason we are currently sharing the same planet on the same timeline is because we are all phase-locked onto the same fundamental quantum phase and thus the same primary reality. Our individual instances of reality are bound together because we are collectively stuck at the bottom of the same gravitational potential well, like marbles piled together at the bottom of a depression in a rubber sheet. Incidentally, the portal threshold is the amount of potential required to overcome the potential well of the entire physical universe. If the marbles were elevated beyond the lip of the depression they could escape, and likewise if we experienced a

boost in our gravitational potential, our collective reality would dissolve. And that is exactly what would happen if we passed through an sufficiently altered region of spacetime, or if a gravitational potential wave passed through us. This is the key mechanism behind the Shift.

In the years leading up to this point, reality would simply become more plastic and responsive to our consciousness due to the changed gravitational potential loosening things up, but after that point reality would dissolve entirely. And after being tossed into hyperspace, consciousness would simply phase-lock onto whatever reality befits it. can diverge onto new realities that best fit their own spiritual needs, realities that best resonate with their own quantum phase spectrum. The other half is meeting the portal threshold in the first place, which is the only way a tangible reality can be “uncollapsed,” and that requires a gravitational potential wave whose peak amplitude is beyond the portal threshold. Put another way, the Shift is a macroscopic quantum wave expansion followed by a macroscopic quantum wave collapse. Our memories are part of the linear timeline and change along with any alterations to that timeline. Others may have gained sufficient personal energy and spiritual polarization to no longer be stuck inside gravitational potential wells, giving them a new degree of freedom to enter and exit timespace / hyperspace at will.

That level of existence is called “fourth density” but here I wish to give a technical hypothesis of what that really means: total quantum phase freedom and conscious navigation through maginary time.

Realm Dynamics explains why the principles underlying the Shift are the same ones active at a lower degree in our lives everyday. What is the “theme” of your life experiences? Do you constantly suffer misfortune after misfortune, hostility, and persecution? To vector onto the optimal reality trajectory, it takes a combination of optimal attitude, awareness, and action.

2012 apocalypse….

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