The Freemasons: A History of the World’s Most Powerful Secret Society

What did Mozart and Bach, Oscar Wilde and Anthony Trollope, George Washington and Frederick the Great, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt have in common? They were all Freemasons, a subject of endless fascination. To the layman, they are a mysterious brotherhood of profound if uncertain influence, a secret society… Continue reading

The Ultimate Hypnosis 5 in 1 Bundle: Hypnotherapy for Deep Sleep, Overthinking, High Self-Esteem, Weight Loss, and Past Life Regression

This is the number-one hypnosis bundle that will unlock your hidden powers and help you on your path to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.  Thousands of people used the power of hypnosis to change their lives. In today’s world it’s almost forgotten…. This five-in-one bundle Includes all five audiobooks… Continue reading

The Oster Conspiracy of 1938: The Unknown Story of the Military Plot to Kill Hitler and Avert World War II

September 1938. In power more than five years, Hitler unilaterally dismantled the Treaty of Versailles, provision by provision, daring Britain and France to stand up to him. Earlier that year, he forced Austria into his Third Reich without firing a single shot. Now his sights were set on Czechoslovakia. It… Continue reading

Proof of Conspiracy: How Trump’s International Collusion Is Threatening American Democracy

Seth Abramson shows how Trump has conspired and colluded with leaders from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, from even before he won the presidency In late 2015, convicted pedophile, international dealmaker, and cooperating witness in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation George Nader convened a secret meeting aboard a… Continue reading