The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America

Throw out everything you think you know about history. Close the approved textbooks, turn off the corporate mass media, and whatever you do, don’t believe anything you hear from the government. The Rise of the Fourth Reich reveals the truth about American power. In this explosive exposÉ, the legendary Jim… Continue reading

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): The Ultimate Guide to Maximize Your Potential, Learn Psychological Skills to Discover the Art of Understanding and Influencing People to Build a Successful Life

Are you happy with how your life is going? Do you understand precisely how NLP can guide you? Do you wish to make a significant change inside you so you will be able to do more, and you can influence others too? NLP is a powerful and new system that… Continue reading

Treachery: Betrayals, Blunders, and Cover-ups: Six Decades of Espionage Against America and Great Britain

From noted intelligence authority and author Chapman Pincher comes an utterly riveting book that reveals in startling detail sixty years of Soviet spying against Great Britain and the United States. Using a huge cache of recently released documents and exclusive interviews, Pincher makes a compelling new case that–as he has… Continue reading

Manipulation: Influencing People with Dark Psychology, Mind Control, and Persuasion Techniques

DISCOVER POWERFUL TECHNIQUES YOU CAN USE TO MANIPULATE, PERSUADE, AND INFLUENCE ANYONE   Do you believe people’s brainwashing occurs only in films? Do you believe using the subconscious mind is something that only crazy people would attempt to do?   The reality is that we are imperfect as human beings. We have… Continue reading