The Illiminati Program of White Guilt (a.k.a. “privilege”)

( Whites should be meeting to save Christian civilization. Instead White Privilege Conference
 attendees,left, embrace their own destruction.)

In their psychological war against European Christians,
the Illuminati blame white people for Illuminati crimes. As
Jim Goad reports, many whites buy into their own subjugation 

by Jim Goad
from Taki’s Magazine

(Abridged by

The 15th annual White Privilege Conference ended on March 29 in Madison, WI. 

According to conference founder Eddie Moore, Jr., “white supremacy, white privilege, racism and other forms of oppression are designed for your destruction–designed to kill you.”

 aa-white-privilege.jpgIf that’s the case, privileged whites are doing a piss-poor job, seeing as how the 400,000 or so Africans who were transported to the New World in slave ships have–through the noxious evils of white privilege, white technology, and living amid a predominantly white culture–blossomed into around 40 million modern American blacks. That’s an increase of 100-1 and truly the most inept genocide in world history.

“Assuming they have brains, how do they keep them from exploding?”

I could be wrong, but at least judging from pictures taken at the event, most of the attendees, local hosts, and T-shirt models appeared to be white, although I’d bet they’d say “whiteness” is a social construct all while accepting guilt (and perhaps private S&M whippings) for the idea that they benefit from “white privilege” even though whiteness is nothing more than an idea. Assuming they have brains, how do they keep them from exploding? I bet they’d crawl out of their skin if they could. They make my skin crawl.

A Wisconsin reporter estimates that the conference at minimum cost taxpayers $20,000 to further indoctrinate already brainwashed educators that white taxpayers are beastly, innately exploitative fanged vampires who deserve extinction.

hardtosee.jpgWorkshops during the four-day extravaganza included “White American Islamophobia,” “White Privilege and the Color of Wealth,” “Death of the Strong Black Sista,” “How Do We Talk About Privilege, For Real?” “Against the Tea Party Movement,” “White Women’s Guide to Teaching Black Boys,” and “Beyond Kumbaya: Promoting Privilege Discussions on College Campuses.” Film screenings included such cinematic thought-turds as The N!GGA Word, What Makes Me White, and The New Black.

Apparently the only way to dismantle white privilege and usher in this long-promised and long-delayed era of post-racial harmony is to be absolutely fucking obsessed with race.

Feagin.jpgPhenotypically white professor Joe Feagin, past president of the American Sociology Association and author of Living With Racism and White Racism as well as roughly ten million other books about how white people are racist meanies, came dressed in his trademark sexy bolo tie.

He purportedly claimed that all white people are either racists or “recovering racists” and allegedly uttered things such as “The white racial frame is more than cognitive. It’s hostile, vicious, emotional, and visual,”

“Whites live the white racial frame like goldfish in a bowl of water,” and “The heart of the white racial frame is white virtue/superiority. This is (unsurprisingly) the hardest thing for white people to see.”

Feagin allegedly closed his speech with words from Martin Luther King and a photo of black American runners famously giving the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. How urban and edgy of him!

What’s easy for me to see–and unlike Joe Feagin, I don’t wear glasses, rose-colored or otherwise–is that Joe Feagin is a white man suffering the late stages of Passover Syndrome.

Scanning the sponsors listed in the center column of the WPC’s home page reveals a multicolored cornucopia of logos from likeminded churches and colleges. I don’t attend church, so it is the colleges that I–to lift a ubiquitous progressive buzzword–find “problematic.” Why are such absurd and absolutely unscientific medieval guilt scenarios–where “whiteness” is reduced to “evil” and Europeans’ lopsidedly abundant contributions to science, art, and global longevity are either ignored or fraudulently dismissed as thievery from other cultures–being injected like mind-numbing psychiatric drugs into children’s brains?

Behold passages from the conference’s “Youth Action Project” page:

Students will SEE and be fully aware of the multiple manifestations of white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.

pack-your-bags.-we.jpg• Students will have the courage and confidence to NAME white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.
• Students will ACT by taking effective, creative, and urgent measures to dismantle white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression.
• Students will PROCEED as leaders, planting ongoing seeds of change.

Apparently teaching students to READ and WRITE and ADD and SUBTRACT are no longer priorities. No, you have to constantly teach them–at least the white ones–not to be racist, which tends to undermine the oft-parroted canard that children need to be taught TO be racist.

So which one is it? If white kids need to be bitch-slapped from grades one through sixteen with the idea that white “racism” is bad, that would suggest they’d fall back into instinctual tribalism the moment you quit browbeating them. Your tirelessly aggressive indoctrination schemes imply a deep-seated insecurity about whether your beliefs are natural or have to be force-fed through tireless governmental, corporate, media, and religious brainwashing.

The only good idea that seemed to emerge from this farcical pink-pig hog-sloppin’ guilt-fest came via a Tweet from a conference attendee: “maybe we should stop giving black boys to white women teachers.”

I think that’s a capital idea, especially if the white women teachers are the typical self-loathing breed so prevalent these days–and by that I mean they hate the “white” part of themselves rather than the “female” part. I don’t even think you need to set any new policies to make this a reality. If you keep pounding the idea that “whiteness = evil” into the skulls of the nation’s increasingly nonwhite student population, those melanin-rich young’uns will eventually demand that white men and women stop teaching them altogether. Purely by delicious accident, white teachers will wind up softly erasing themselves like so much chalk from the blackboard.

Related– Makow, “Diversity” is about Disinheriting Whites

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The Jewish Strategy Behind “Civil Rights”

The Donald Sterling uproar has put Jewish-Black relations in the spotlight.
As Kevin MacDonald shows, the Illuminati Jewish bankers were behind civil rights
as a strategy to undermine America’s European racial heritage. The
same strategy applies to mass in-migration and “diversity.”

“Jewish organizations view white nationalism as their greatest potential threat and they have tended to support pro-black integration (i.e., assimilationist, individualist) policies for blacks in America, presumably because such policies dilute white power and lessen the possibility of a cohesive, nationalist anti-Jewish white majority.” — Harold Cruse, a black intellectual.

by Kevin MacDonald
Jews, Blacks and Race
(Ten excerpts by

1. The Ashkenazi Jews that dominate the American Jewish community have the highest average intelligence of any human group and they have shown an extraordinary ability to create and participate in highly effective groups in pursuit of their interests.

joel-elias-spingarn-1.jpg(left, Joel Spingarn,  chairman of the board of NAACP from 1913 to 1919, its treasurer from 1919 to 1930, its second president from 1930-1939.)

2.  Jews played a prominent role in organizing blacks beginning with the founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909 and, despite increasing black anti-Semitism, continuing into the present. The NAACP was founded by wealthy German Jews, non – Jewish whites, and blacks led by W. E. B. DuBois.  The Jewish role was predominant: By mid-decade [ c. 1915], the NAACP had something of the aspect of an adjunct of B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee, with the brothers Joel and Arthur Spingarn serving as board chairman and chief legal counsel, respectively; Herbert Lehman on the executive committee; Lillian Wald and Walter Sachs on the board (though not simultaneously); and Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg as financial angels. By 1920, Herbert Seligman was director of public relations, and Martha Gruening served as his assistant. . . . Small wonder that a bewildered Marcus Garvey stormed out of NAACP headquarters in 1917, muttering that it was a white organization

3.  The B’nai Brith ADL continues to be a major promoter of diversity education through its A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE ® Institute. Since 1985, this institute has trained more than 230,000 elementary and secondary school teachers in diversity education and has conducted workplace diversity training programs for workers and college students in the United States. Teacher training programs have also been instituted in Germany and Russia.

JolsonAl.jpg(left, the black-faced Jew – Al Jolson in the Jazz Singer)

4. After all, at least until the 1960s blacks had not shown themselves to be able to develop effective organizations without Jewish input. Blacks, as a low-achieving group, continue to have relatively little power and influence in ethnic relations in the United States and remain underrepresented in all the elite institutions of society. Because of their high intelligence, their high level of mobilization, and their over-representation in elite institutions of the government, the media, business, and the academic world, Jewish influence is far out of proportion to their numbers. White non-Jews have relatively little influence compared to Jews because of their lack of mobilization to achieve their ethnic interests. Moreover, continuing Jewish involvement in the media and in funding black organizations remains an important ingredient in black success long after the leadership of these organizations passed to blacks. For example, Murray Friedman notes that after 1955 blacks assumed the leadership of the movement: “No longer would Jewish leaders and other outsiders call the shots. They would work behind the scenes, providing money and advice to [Martin Luther] King and his lieutenants, who would head the movement, win the headlines, and endure the jail sentences.”

5. Despite representing only 2.5% of the population, Jews provide over half of the funding of the Democratic Party, and in the 2000 election, 80% of Jews voted for Gore.

6. When interviewed about their own motivations, Jews tend to see themselves as altruists in aiding black causes, or they “believe that Jewish concern for black people was ‘natural,’ growing out of parallel experiences of suffering and oppression.” During the high point of the civil rights movements Jews and Jewish organizations “redefined Judaism as synonymous with liberalism.” A commonly expressed attitude was that Jewish work on behalf of civil rights reflected the “universalist ethics” of Judaism. This view ignores the history of Judaism as a closed ingroup with a profoundly particularist moral outlook with very different moral standards for ingroup members and outgroup members. In the contemporary world, the most egregious example of Jewish moral particularism is the reality of Israel as an expansionist apartheid state. Jews in Israel have subjected the Palestinians to a brutal occupation aimed ultimately at expanding their territory to include the land conquered in the 1967 war; American Jews have been strong supporters of Israel, and in recent years the organized American Jewish community has favored the rightist Likud party in Israel and its aggressive policies toward the Palestinians. Many of the supporters of the Likud are hyper -ethnocentric members of the settler movement and other forms of Jewish fundamentalism.

jews-blacks-feminists.jpg7. Harold Cruse, a black intellectual, observes that Jewish organizations view white nationalism as their greatest potential threat and they have tended to support pro-black integration (i.e., assimilationist, individualist) policies for blacks in America, presumably because such policies dilute white power and lessen the possibility of a cohesive, nationalist anti-Jewish white majority. At the same time, Jewish organizations have opposed a black nationalist position while pursuing an anti-assimilationist, nationalist group strategy for their own group

8. Besides the movement to alter ethnic relations discussed here, Jewish organizations took the lead in altering U.S. immigration policy in the direction of large-scale multi – ethnic immigration. 95 Mass multi – ethnic immigration continues to be a consensus position within the U.S. Jewish community, and several Jewish activists have noted the advantage to be gained by Jews of an America where white political and demographic hegemony has declined and whites are unable to control their own political destiny. Most recently, Leonard S. Glickman, president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, stated, “The more diverse American society is the safer [Jews] are.” Having run out of Russian Jews, the HIAS is now deeply involved in recruiting refugees from Africa — a new twist on the black – Jewish alliance

9.Jewish motivation need not be seen in defensive terms, of course, but rather as aimed at maximizing Jewish power. The reality is that the rise of the Jews in the United States as well as the rise of their black allies and the millions of post – 1965 non – white immigrants has been accompanied by a consequent decline in the power of the old white Protestant elites.

10. Jewish activism played an essential and critical role in the revolution in ethnic relations which has occurred in the last 50 years in the U.S. It is a revolution that in its major premises has been internalized also by a large portion of the whites in the U.S. and other Western countries, particularly elite whites who have made alliances with Jews and other components of the multi-ethnic elites.

The same strategy is carried out in UK and Europe

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White Minority Status a Political Time Bomb


Studies show that Whites vote Republican when confronted
with the prospect of becoming a minority. But instead of
exploiting this potent issue, the GOP is urged to abandon
their base and cater to the future majority.

“We will undermine every collective identity except our own.” – The Protocols of Zion
 “Collective identity” refers to race, religion (God), nation and family (gender). Obviously the GOP are Freemasons
or this would be an issue. Kevin MacDonald shows that academia is actively conspiring with the Illuminati.

“We will undermine every collective identity except our own.” 

 [“Collective identity” refers to race, religion (God), nation and family (gender)] – Protocols of Zion, the blueprint of the New World Order   They promote immigration, homosexuality and miscegenation to destroy the white race.  

– See more at:

by Kevin MacDonald
Diversity is Strength
(Abridged by

It’s one thing to be demonized when you are the majority, but a far different thing when you are the minority.

A study* by Northwestern University psychologists Maureen A. Craig (a white woman) and Jennifer A. Richeson (an
African-American) shows that Whites are on the “precipice” of becoming a minority in America, and are becoming more conservative as a result. [US Census indicates White babies are now a minority.]

Needless to say, despite Craig-Richeson’s use of the word “precipice”, they do not view whites’ impending minority status as problematic. Indeed, they are eager to suggest ways to make Whites complacent about their fate…

The Craig-Richeson study illuminates … why the Republican Party is rapidly becoming de facto the party of White America: American politics is simply becoming racialized as a result of identity politics. In the 2012 election, a majority of Whites of all social classes, both sexes, and all age groups voted Republican. Obama won only 36% of the votes of non-college whites–a group that traditionally voted Democrat when social class issues were paramount…

For reasons that would bear analysis, GOP strategists ignore this possibility. But the Craig-Richeson study suggests that this GOP whitening trend will accelerate anyway, as it becomes increasingly difficult for whites to escape diversity. When the effects of the immigration tsunami are all around, it begins to dawn on people that their country is being taken away…

Craig and Richeson found that Whites confronted with their impending minority status are concerned that their social status will suffer, and this motivates their attraction to conservatism. Craig’s reaction is particularly blatant:

“These findings may be particularly relevant to media and government agencies who are currently reporting on these racial shifts, presumably without awareness of these potential threat effects,” Craig told Association for Psychological Science. “We’re working on ways to present information regarding these very real and important shifts in the country’s racial demographics that don’t engender these type of threat responses and, instead, promote positive relations among members of the majority and minority groups.”

You see, Craig, along with the rest of the academic Establishment, is entirely on board with eliminating America’s white majority through immigration policy. So the problem, as they see it, is not how to prevent the shifts, but how to make them palatable. How can the fears of white Americans be made to disappear so they won’t be drawn to the evil that is inherent in conservative political opinions and the Republican Party? How can White America be induced to embrace the harmonious multicultural future as America enters the golden age of diversity (and White America heads into the sunset)?

Craig and Richeson added a condition where some subjects read a paragraph reassuring them that white social status “is unlikely to change” even after whites become a minority (the “assuaged threat condition”).

Voilà! Simply add a reassuring paragraph and the status-threat disappears! Frame the issue by reassuring whites that they will not suffer economically from becoming a minority, and they will be more likely to endorse Leftist nostrums approved by academic and MSM elites….


American racial and ethnic landscape is already well on the way to polarization. Already an average of 80% of non-Whites voted for Obama in the last election. Whites have been relatively less polarized, even though 60% voting Republicanin recent elections. But all the indications are that they are becoming more so. Not only are the majority of Whites of all social classes, both sexes, and all age groups voting Republican, as I mentioned above, but Republicans are increasing their share of the White vote by 1.5% in every presidential election cycle since 1992.[ “Does GOP Have to Pass Immigration Reform?, By Sean Trende,RealClearPolitics, June 25, 2013]

This is occurring despite a virtual blackout of discussion of the impending white minority in the MSM. Imagine how quickly polarization would increase if the racial shift were emphasized–and especially the downside for Whites. Imagine how hard it would be to sell the immigration amnesty/surge bill to white America if its acceleration of the racial shift were publicized.

The general lack of awareness also shows that there is a huge untapped source of conservative strength in the US: Accentuating the impending eclipse of White America would result in an upsurge of support for conservative positions on a wide range of issues.

The fact that the subjects in these experiments seemed unaware of these population shifts prior to the experiment is a telling testimony to the power of the MSM in shaping perceptions. Deciding what’s not fit to print is at least as important as what is fit to print.

So it’s no accident that the MSM is intensively policed to eliminate voices that conflict with the Leftist world view–people like Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck, and Lou Dobbs. This is why Media Matters was so upset when CNN quoted Editor Peter Brimelow and James Edwards on immigration-related issues. [CNN Article Legitimizes “Pro-White” Commentators, by Todd Gregory, March 4, 2011]

And of course the Establishment Conservative media is no better. It’s interesting that when New York Magazine’s  Jonathan Chait reviewed studies on the effects of liberal domination of the entertainment media, he reported that conservative talk radio and Fox News harp on “the fears that torment conservatives today–overweening regulators, welfare layabouts, the government seizing our guns” –anything but the fear of becoming a minority. [The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Is on Your Screen, August 19, 2012]

The political landscape would change rather quickly and dramatically if one above-ground, widely available, well-funded, MSM outlet told the truth.

But the data show that the landscape is changing anyway. Despite the MSM, Whites are waking up to the reality of their dispossession, even if the changes are slow. In the next 30 years, fewer and fewer whites will be able to escape the consequences of the immigration onslaught. The political landscape will continue to be more racially polarized. Whites will be looking for leadership that addresses their fears. Conservatism Inc. boilerplate about government regulation,welfare queens and even gun rights won’t hack it. Politicians like Jeb Bush, and the others who came to genuflect before Sheldon Adelson won’t cut it.

What will appeal to these whites–the great majority of whites–is explicit talk about white identity and white interests.

It will be a revolution.
Kevin MacDonald [email him] is professor of psychology at California State University-Long Beach. His research has focused on developing evolutionary perspectives in developmental psychology, personality theory, Western culture, and ethnic relations (group evolutionary strategies). He edits and is a frequent contributor to The Occidental Observer and The Occidental Quarterly. For his website, click here.

* On the Precipice of a “Majority-Minority”
America: Perceived Status Threat From the Racial Demographic Shift
Affects White Americans,
Political Ideology, Psychological Science April
3, 2014.

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———-  How Widespread is White Resentment?

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A Reality Show of Your Life – Would You Watch?


The best reader responses are below.

In case anyone is curious about me, no I would not watch
a reality show based on my life; nor would anyone else.
My life takes place inside my head. Nothing to see!

That’s how I get through these long Manitoba winters.

Dennis- Unless they handed out awards for MOST boring show ever.

have brought this subject up to my wife several times in the recent
past. We laugh at how boring our life is and how no-one would watch us
as we sat in bed ,her watching tv and me reading. Her disturbing my
reading with something she thinks is funny or suspenseful, and me trying
to ignore her attempts to distract my reading, or me glaring at her
when she succeeds. Unless somebody finds a couple of people living with
four dogs as a good use of time, it is unlikely to have any viewership.

No, Henry, I would not watch a reality show about myself. Unless they handed out awards for MOST boring show ever.

Bill It’s tough being sane in an insane world.

My life reminds me of the Grateful Dead song Truckin’, which includes the line: what a long, strange trip it’s been. My mom and dad are gone, as is my sister, my ex-wife and daughter (who has not spoken to me for 3 years – no explanation given). The only family I have left is my brother Bob, who is married with two kids and always busy. Fortunately, we are very close, so when we do chat, it’s very nourishing. One thing we both agree on: Life is strange and people are weird.

When I get to sharing stories with people, I often hear, “you should write a book.” Which brings me to your question: If your life were a reality show, would you watch it? My answer is NO. At least not without some glamorization. I lost too often. It’s quite pitiful. So much potential going to waste.

I thought “being saved” and giving my life to God would change things. It had a positive effect at first, but then a negative effect later. Now I am free from that mindfuck, as well as the marriage and family craziness (I married a Filipina in Cebu City in 1988. My experience was similar to yours.) At 58, the “need” for a female sex partner and companion is finally subsiding. This is a huge blessing.

My focus these days is on being fully aware of life “in the moment.” It goes by fast, so enjoy each pain-free moment. I am content living alone in my comfortable condo. Peace and quiet, surrounded by nature in warm, sunny Florida. Life is good. Now, if the Government would stop attacking us from all directions, my stress level would be much healthier. It’s tough being sane in an insane world.

Denny- Modernity is one big show.

My life already is a “reality show” and yes I am watching it as I live it. Krishnamurti once coined the phrase: The Observer is the Observed, which sounds rather esoteric but is confirmed by physicist Dr. David Bohm. When observing subatomic particles scientists discovered that the very act of observing the particle actually had an affect on it — meaning……our very awareness of something (focused attention) actually changes it.

Observing this “show” is indeed having an affect but whether the whole season gets pulled or has a long run is anybody’s guess. Complete with sites like yours (the good guys) exposing the Illuminati (the bad guys), consumer zombies, fembots and clueless Liberals thickens the plot indeed. Not being a fan of TV in general…. no I would not watch it but I am “observing” it…….reluctantly. Modernity is one big show.

Jim- I feel I’m in the show waiting for the gong.

My life has been a good one so far fighting the battle against the evil empire. My name is Jim R I live in Framingham Massachusetts. I produce four-hour long cable shows that air on local cable TV that basically do what you are doing but in video on TV.  My shows deal with news topics from all over the internet that are very controversial and not shown on regular TV. One of my main topics has been the Holocaust Hoax and all things relating to it. Why I say my life is a reality show is because so far the Jews haven’t had the balls to come after me for exposing their Hoax, which surprises me, as they took my show off the air in 2010 for a year. I guess they finally came to a realization that free speech is part of the fabric of life in the U. S. So the question remains how long will the Jews allow me to function? When will they make their move to use the forces to be to attack me and do whatever they can to take me down.   I feel I’m in the show waiting for the gong. I have a lot of short videos on youtube and my longer shows are on RizoliTV1 on youtube.

Christopher No, it would be far too depressing for TV.

No, I would not want my life (at present) depicted in a reality show. The reason? Too depressing. An amazing movie, however, could be made tracing the incredible decline, in health-wealth-and stealth, of this American; who was once quite wealthy, healthy, traveled the world, and enjoyed an ample amount of privacy and dignity.

Some actions and choices could have been better. Yet, no amount of smart moves could «plan» for the poisoning of our air, food, and water. No amount of «planning» could predict the day when I would be surrounded by «Blue Pill» takers. And no amount of «planning» could figure out what to do with the incredibly high levels of poisonous, manmade radiation being unleashed upon the Earth… No, it would be far too depressing for TV. The Sheeple prefer lighter fare. Thanks New World Order!

Andrew E – Don’t need  the ego endorphins that come from being “liked”.

No. In the same way that I don’t take photos at a museum or watch my nephew’s Christmas concert through my camera screen rather than watching live in the moment.

It is this “living in the moment” that is so undervalued today. Sharing your every thought with the world for “likes” is the great inflation of ego and the staple of generation Y. It compromises and edits the thought process during inception as every thought starts with, “what would they think of __?” “This movie’s great, I bet I can get 10 likes” “twitter would love this thought” .. And instead of sitting with our original thoughts and ideas we share them and await their reception, anticipating either silence or the ego endorphins that come from being “liked”.

Fame or even reality show celebrity is like being on social media whenever you’re in public; molding every gesture or articulation based on what the group finds pleasing. We lose the self within the crowd. Every girl who is passionate about renaissance art and every boy who is enticed by the circle of fifths in music may repress their passion for something more culturally acceptable. “How about those Grammy performances?”

Dr. JohnNope, too boring and too many mistakes. 

Now if it was a time machine and I could go back in time then that would be a different story

Michael – Looking forward to growing old in as close to the most boring way possible,

I might have to watch the reality show of my life, particularly my earlier life. It was the exact opposite of the boring, steady, predictable life that I am striving towards. In fact, it contained the following elements:

*Graphic sex – my mother, for a time, did “go-go” dancing (pole dancing/stripping in the modern vernacular) to supplement the food stamps she received (single mom in the 1970’s), and then she was a prostitute-turned-madam for the mob in the 1980’s in New Jersey;

*Drugs – my father sold, then used, much cocaine and graduated to crack in the mid-80’s, smoking as much as $1,800 per day; this forced me, as a teenager, to work, sometimes multiple shifts, at the local McDonald’s in Brooklyn’s Coney Island area, just to (shortly) keep a roof over our heads;

*Homelessness – a teenaged boy should not have to sleep under the Coney Island boardwalk, or in store fronts, and have to get beat up, urinated and spit on, because his crack-addicted father burned down the apartment;

*Sexual Abuse – my father, like his father (and uncles), just couldn’t keep his hands off his daughters;

*Strange encounters – shades and shadows and other odd entities early in life, particularly in the mid-70’s, culminating in an abduction from my apartment when I was 8 years old (1978) by what is commonly referred to as the Greys;

*Military adventures – the only way out of the homeless situation, or so it seemed at the time, was to join the US Navy — it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure — where I got to live in Scotland for two years, travel throughout Europe, and get the kind of “education” some of my more well-off friends could only imagine.

Obviously, this is the Cliff’s Notes version, but now that I am 44, and recently married, both my wife and I are looking forward to growing old in as close to the most boring way possible, with the exception of occasionally going out to dance and maybe catching the occasional Hollywood action drivel. Thanks for letting me rant!

Rollin – If? My life is a reality show, and I do watch it.

If? My life is a reality show, and I do watch it. The Manduka Upanishad (as I’ve condensed it into a haiku) says:
       On a bough, two birds —
One eats the sweet fruit and one
        Watches and eats not.

I should add that I virtually never watch TV. This has been true my whole life. As a result, I’ve never seen even a single “reality show,” though of course I have a general idea (from the tabloids in the supermarket) of the Kardashians, Duck Dynasty, etc. But my interest in them is zero.
Because of that, at first I didn’t relate to your invitation. But then I thought: living my life knowing it is being filmed and fed to the public so I can be a celebrity is my idea of unreality, not reality, whereas my own life (modest as it is) is real; at least, it’s as real as I am willing to be. Life is real only when I am.
It’s not only real, it’s a “show,” in the sense that I not only live it, I (but not the same “I”) watch it. That’s where the Manduka Upanishad comes in. It’s a fable or parable, deliberately gnomic, written to produce an epiphany, and in condensing it, I tried to capture and preserve that quality. (The Upanishads are part of the Vedic scriptures, and are subject to different interpretations by different schools of Vedanta. I think it’s better to let it remain a parable, though I did consider giving the haiku a title taken from another Upanishad: “Thou art that.”)
As for haiku, you probably have a general idea of it. It’s like a snapshot. No explanation, no rhyme or metrical pattern, no title  It’s not only a literary form, it’s a way of perceiving and concentrating. I follow the traditional Japanese form, which I’ve defined as follows: Haiku: a poem Of three lines and seventeen Syllables. That’s it.

Thank you all! I will contact the winner of my upcoming collection ILLUMINATI3: SATANIC POSSESSION

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