Why are Young Feminists So Clueless About Sex?


Mainstream columnist Margaret Wente says young feminists “have been sold a lie.” 
They have been told that having promiscuous sex just like men is “empowering.” 

Is this lie any surprise? Feminism is Communism is Cabalism is Jewish Satanism.
Its goal is to attack gender and destroy the institutions of marriage and family.

Wente can recognize the symptoms of de facto Communism, but not the source.

“These days, in fact, sexual restraint is a sign that something must be wrong with you.”

by Margaret Wente
(Abridged by henrymakow.com) 
A few months ago, a Harvard senior named Reina Gattuso wrote a column in the school newspaper. It described her crummy night of drunken sex with a couple of men she didn’t know. “I have so much to drink my memory becomes dark water,” she wrote. She freely admitted that she consented. Enthusiastically. And that was the problem. She thought she would enjoy it, but instead she just felt rotten!
Most people might conclude from this experience that random sex with drunken strangers is a poor idea, and Ms. Gattuso really should not try that again. Old-fashioned moralists might even call such behaviour tawdry, degrading and sluttish. Not Ms. Gattuso. And not Rebecca Traister, the New York Magazine writer who wrote about it. To them, the moral of the story is that the world is awash in bad consensual sex. This is due to the persistent power imbalances between women and men. Until we fix this, women cannot be sexually happy. As Ms. Traister argues, “The game is rigged.”
Ironically, today’s feminists are serious about consent but casual about sex. And to their shock, they’ve discovered that there’s an awful lot of bad sex out there. They did not expect this. They’ve been told they are supposed to be having a super-positive sex life – unconflicted, joyous, casual and abundant. They’ve been told they should be able to have as many partners and initiate sex just as often as men do. And they’ve tried that. And it hasn’t worked out very well. Instead of feeling super-positive, they feel sexually dissatisfied, emotionally disconnected and more than a little used.
The surprise is that so many young women are surprised by this. Haven’t they watched Girls?


The trouble isn’t men, of course. Nor is it the culture. The trouble is that these women have been sold a lie. They’ve been told that the profound sexual and behavioural differences between men and women are merely matters of individual preference, which would largely dissolve if we ever managed to shed our noxious cultural baggage.
Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. These differences are to a great extent hard-wired. Female sexual desire can be as powerful and urgent as men’s. But most women are only able to have good sex with men they feel connected to and trust…
Eventually men will bond with you, of course, and everything will change, and they will be willing, even eager, to faithfully protect you and your babies. But until that happens you really can’t expect much from them.
I know all of this is a cliché. But it’s also true. Unfortunately, the emotional, behavioural, hormonal and biochemical differences between the sexes are not taught in sex ed or gender-studies courses because the truth is considered so reactionary. Some people also consider it monstrously unfair to women. Sadly, much in life is unfair. Men can pee standing up. But what can you do?

Many of us learned this stuff the hard way, at the dawn of the feminist revolution. The 1970s were paradise for men. They told us that if we didn’t sleep with them we must be unliberated and sexually uptight. I can’t tell you how many women swallowed this cow manure before we smartened up.
But now, young women are peddling this manure to themselves. In a world that’s already disturbingly oversexualized, they insist that sexual display and promiscuity (dare I use that word?) are synonymous with female empowerment.
These days, in fact, sexual restraint is a sign that something must be wrong with you. Last week, a young woman named Ali Rachel Pearl confessed in an essay in The New York Times that she hadn’t had sex for two whole years. She can’t really explain why. There was a guy who broke her heart, and so on. It turns out that this strange condition even has a name – “secondary abstinence.” As she tells it, her friends are aghast. “How can you go so long?” they ask. “Get rid of your hang-ups.” “Be more open.” “Stop being afraid.” They all feel sorry for her.
It’s so old-fashioned – this bizarre notion that maybe you should feel some attachment to the person you are sleeping with. Too old-fashioned for our most progressive and enlightened young women, who, I’m afraid, are in for a world of unnecessary hurt. If only feminists would smarten up about sex, our daughters – and our sons – would be a lot better off.

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A Scathing Indictment of White Knight Syndrome


“Unfortunately this article nails it for me,” 

a male reader whose life has been  
governed by WKS wrote to me. 

Men all have an instinct to protect 
and nurture a woman. But
at what point does it cross the line 
and become unhealthy? 

(Abridged by henrymakow.com)
The white knight.
In fairytales, he is the brave, noble, chivalrous man who comes to the rescue of the fair, helpless damsel in distress, asking nothing in return for his good deeds. In the real world, well, things are a bit more complicated.
Many men have adopted the behavior of the white knight from legends in the way they relate to women. Problem is this behavior often comes from a very dark place, and proves itself fatal for the man possessing it…
The White Knight Syndrome represents a strong inclination to seek women who are or appear to be in need of help (usually the more help the merrier), and on his own initiative provide that help (often no matter the sacrifice), without requesting anything in return.
Such a man is called a white knight. Not to be confused with the Dark Knight, who is a genuine badass.
With this penchant towards saving women comes a whole set of perceptions (many of them unconscious) that model the white knight’s emotions and behavior. Your archetypal white knight:
   -Sees women as powerless and unable to defend or take care of themselves.
   -Sees women’s problems as the result of misfortune or the cruelty of this world, never as their own fault. Women are never responsible for their troubles.
    -Considers it is men’s responsibility to help women solve their problems and sees doing so as a sign of nobility.
    -Thinks a woman will forever be grateful to a man who helps her. She will praise him, love him and give herself to him.
    -Sees men in black and white: they are either good or bad, there is no middle ground, and the decisive factor is how they treat women.
There are many clichés and stereotypes in the way a white knight perceives men and women, and this perception is indeed much more descriptive of folktales than of actual reality.
The White Knight Syndrome essentially stems from two erroneous beliefs that all white knights have in common. Deep down, they believe that 1) it is imperative for them to be liked by all women and 2) they are not good enough to be liked by women as they are.
Thus, the White Knight Syndrome ensues, as sort of a coping mechanism.
The white knight craves female approval, attention and companionship, as well as sex, a romantic relationship and perhaps marriage. But he doesn’t believe that he can obtain these things by just being himself, because he thinks he’s not good enough.


He believes he has to do something special to cope with this predicament. And the something special he discovered is trying to save women from their troubles. It’s no wonder he is drawn to women who need saving like a fly to honey.
At some level he thinks that if he can find women who are weak and in dire need of help, and he will swiftly jump in to provide that help, he will get these women to like him and give him all that he craves from them. Without him openly asking for any of it…
Unfortunately, to the white knight’s utter surprise, instead of providing him what he wants from women, his behavior mostly generates steep negative consequences.
The biggest problem with being a white knight is that it doesn’t work. It doesn’t grant a guy the appreciation, attention, companionship, sex or relationships with women that he seeks to obtain. And this happens for several reasons.
One reason is that women oftentimes don’t really need or want any help. They are capable of handling whatever challenges they encounter on their own, and keen to do it. This is true today more than ever, considering many women actually have better education, better jobs, more resilience and more social intelligence than many guys out there.
So when the white knight tries to come to the rescue, his help is rejected instead of being eagerly embraced. This frequently leaves the white knight confused, but then he’ll usually figure the lady is just trying to be polite by declining his help, se he tries even harder to offer it, to the point where he becomes annoying.
Another reason is that few women are fooled by the white knight’s apparent zeal to help them without any ulterior motive. They’re smart enough to know he has a hidden agenda. And realizing this, they perceive the white knight as needy and insecure rather than noble and chivalrous, which aren’t exactly attractive male traits. And they don’t succumb to his agenda either.
Some women do embrace the white knight’s aid entirely, appreciate it and also need a lot of it. They’re the type with a knack for constantly getting themselves into trouble and having difficulties getting out of it. They do resemble the damsel in distress from fairytales, minus the innocence.
But even that’s bad news. The trouble is that by coming to such a woman’s rescue all the time, the white knight forms a toxic, codependent relationship with her. It’s a relationship in which she never learns to solve her own problems and she is constantly in need of him to solve them for her, while he cannot stop rescuing her because that’s the only way he knows to keep her appreciation.
In addition, even a woman who wants and appreciates a man’s help won’t necessarily appreciate him for eagerly offering it all the time. Sure, she likes the gesture, she likes being helped, but not necessarily the guy who performs it. Because to her as well, it shows that he’s needy and desperate for her approval. So she probably won’t respect him or sleep with him, but she will accept his help.
And supposing a woman really believes the white knight helps her out of pure chivalry, do you think she’s gonna offer him something in return? Not likely. She feels no obligation towards him, since after all, doing a good deed seems sufficient reward for him.
That’s why so many men end up empty handed when trying to be white knights…
Fortunately, there is a solution for the white knight.
The solution begins with recognizing the dysfunctional patterns in his behavior and admitting to himself that his behavior is not working.
Then, the white knight needs to enrol in and commit to a personal transformation process… This process entails:
    *Seeing his strengths and improving his self-image.
     *Learning to stop idealizing women and stop seeking their approval.
    *Developing true attractive male traits such as confidence, assertiveness, ambition, social skills, sense of humor, authenticity, integrity, leadership, etc.
    *Learning to set personal boundaries, to ask for what he wants, and to say no.
     *Taking care of his needs and getting personal interests other than women.
    *Finding healthy male models to emulate and hang out with.
     *Building a rich social life for himself, which includes both men and women.
It’s a process. It takes time, it requires perseverance and effective guidance, but it is well worth it. Overcoming the White Knight Syndrome means much more than becoming less accommodating and available towards women.
It means a personal transformation on the inside and outside, which will revolutionize the way you interact with women, your results with women, the way you feel about women, the way you feel about yourself, and eventually your entire life as a man.
First Comment from P:
I used to have this syndrome.
It definitely perpetuates co-dependance.
It will constantly bring the man to falling short of his expectations.
The solution is that he gets his fulfillment solely from God, and if there is to be a woman in his life, is secondary. She will appreciate this.
It is fuelled by good works=positive response, ad nauseum.

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