The oldest stock market indicator known to man is flashing a big buy sign

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News Story Source: by Joe Ciolli
The godfather of technical analysis, known as Dow Theory, says transportation and industrial stocks must advance together for market gains to last. The most bullish signal possible is when the two groups hit record highs simultaneously.

That happened in October, and the subsequent uptrend has yielded 17% in returns for the Dow Jones industrial average.

So it’s smooth sailing for stocks, right? Not quite. The situation is not that simple for stock bears.

Recent strength in the Dow propelled the index to a record high on Monday, but the associated transportation index did not reach one, and that lack of confirmation has troubled some market pessimists.

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Trump's Latest Tweet Warns Of Coming War…

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News Story Source:, Mac Slavo
While it’s not an outright declaration of war, it certainly appears that the situation on the Korean peninsula is about to be taken to the next level, as noted by Zero Hedge:

Trump’s troubling statement follows an earlier tweet about North Korea, in which he said that “The U.S. once again condemns the brutality of the North Korean regime as we mourn its latest victim.”

So is this Trump’s implicit warning that he is about to launch an attack on North Korea, following a failed intervention by China, in retaliation for the death of Otto Warmbier?

In previous reports we highlighted the fact that not only does the North have the capability of hitting the United States with an electro-magnetic pulse weapon (EMP) detonated over the central United States, but it is believed that their nuclear and missile delivery capabilities are now such that U.S. coastal cities could well be targeted at the onset of any confrontation. In fact, at the height of tensions ear
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Company Aims to Launch Satellite-Servicing Spacecraft in 2020

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News Story Source: By Tereza Pultarova
London-based Effective Space Solutions, which is developing the 770-lb. (350 kilograms) servicing craft, said that the time is ripe to help satellite operators slash costs and maintain order in increasingly cluttered Earth orbit. Speaking at the U.K. Space Conference in Manchester in early June, Effective Space Solutions Vice President Daniel Campbell said the privately funded company is confident it can meet the three-year timeline and is already seeing interest from satellite operators. [DARPA’s Futuristic Satellite Servicing Plan in Images]

“We want to start with extending the life of satellites in the geostationary orbit,” Campbell said, referring to the perch about 22,250 miles (35,780 kilometers) up where orbital velocity matches Earth’s rotational velocity. At this point, spacecraft can hover over the same spot. “There are 450 such satellites, most of them commercial, and they are all designed for 15 years of service.”

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Jack Ma: World leaders must make ‘hard choices’ or the next 30 years will be painful

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News Story Source: by Anita Balakrishnan
•Ma says more “made in America” goods could be the perfect products to sell to China’s swelling middle class.
•He warns that artificial intelligence could set off World War III, but humans will win.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma spent 800 hours traveling around the world last year and plans to increase that to 1,000 in 2017, evangelizing his burgeoning e-commerce platform, globalization and artificial intelligence.

The billionaire Chinese businessman sat down with CNBC this week at the Gateway ’17 conference in Detroit for a wide-ranging interview on those topics and others. Here are the highlights:

Shrinking giants

The world’s biggest public companies — like Apple, Alphabet and Amazon — have become so dominant that some critics have said they border on monopolies.

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South Korea signs on to build full-scale Hyperloop

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News Story Source: by Nick Lavars
One of the startups vying to make it a reality, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), has announced a partnership with the South Korean government and local universities to build the world’s first full-scale Hyperloop system.

First described by Elon Musk in a 2013 white paper, the Hyperloop system would see passengers and cargo shuttled through near-vacuum tubes at close to the speed of sound. Such a system could see people traveling between Los Angeles and San Francisco in 30 minutes.

The agreement was actually signed back in January but only revealed this week, and sees HTT team up with the South Korean government’s department of technological innovation and infrastructure, along with the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building (KICT) and Hanyang University.

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Scalable solar-powered desal system could supply water to homes and towns

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News Story Source: by Michael Irving
Desalination makes saltwater more palatable and potable, but being a bit of an energy guzzler means it isn’t the most practical solution in off-grid situations. A new system makes use of nanoparticles to harness the power of the sun and distill water more efficiently, without needing electricity.

Developed at Rice University’s Center for Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT), the new system is built around the membrane distillation method, where heated salty water runs across the top of a porous membrane. Water vapor is drawn through the membrane and collects underneath in the form of purified water, but plenty of energy is lost in the process.

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GDP Estimation Crapshoot:

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News Story Source: by Mish
In the first quarter of 2017, models that supposedly had a margin of error of one percentage point had more than two percentages points difference.

The discrepancy between GDPNow and the FRBNY Nowcast is “only” one percentage point now, but my own personal assessment of second quarter GDP differs from GDPNow by at least 1.8 percentage points.

Since less than half of the economic reports for the second quarter are in, I have a pretty wide range of estimates.

See Mish Preliminary Estimate for Second Quarter GDP: 0.1% to 1.1 on June 16

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Nauseating Stupidity on Confiscating Homes for the Greater Good from The Intercept

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News Story Source: by Mish
On matters of social justice, The Intercept puts out some nauseating trash.


BRITISH LABOUR PARTY leader Jeremy Corbyn has a bold proposal to house the survivors of a devastating fire at London’s Grenfell Tower apartment complex in empty luxury homes.

YouGov polling found that Corbyn’s idea is popular among the British public, with 59 percent supporting it. Yet there has been a harsh backlash from the U.K.’s right-wing government and press, which equated his plan with a Marxist plot. “Suggesting requisitioning empty properties when empty student accommodation is available locally is completely in line with his Marxist belief that all private property should belong to the state,” Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen said.

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