Real-World Examples of How the Minimum Wage Harms Workers

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News Story Source:, Daniel J. Mitchell
Politicians can interfere with the laws of supply and demand (and they do, with distressing regularity), but they can’t repeal them.

The minimum wage issue is a tragic example. If lawmakers pass a law mandating wages of $10 per hour, that is going to have a very bad effect on low-skilled workers who can only generate, say, $8 of revenue per hour.

You don’t need to be a libertarian to realize this is a problem.

Catherine Rampell leans to the left, but she warned last year in the Washington Post about the danger of “helping” workers to the unemployment line:

…the left needs to think harder about the unintended consequences of… benevolent-seeming proposals. In isolation, each of these policies has the potential to make workers more costly to hire. Cumulatively, they almost certainly do.

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Elon Musk says first tunnel for his L.A. transit dream will open in December. Many questions remain

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News Story Source:, By Deborah Netburn
“The first tunnel is almost done,” Musk tweeted to his 23.1 million followers shortly after 5 p.m.

Musk’s Boring Co. is building the tunnel beneath the city of Hawthorne, part of his grand vision for a transportation network that whisks commuters across the county. Last year, Hawthorne officials approved the Boring Co.’s request to tunnel west from Space X headquarters. At the time, they said the tunnel had extended 500 feet.

The company has said its technology could move vehicles, as well as pods carrying passengers and bicyclists, through tunnels at speeds of up to 130 mph.

A video simulation released by the company last year shows a driver steering a vehicle onto a car-sized platform on the street, parallel to the curb. The platform, called a skate, sinks like an elevator, then carries the car through the tunnel.

In subsequent tweets Musk said there would be an opening event on the night of Dec. 10 and free rides for the public the next day.

When ask
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A Tale of Two Despots

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News Story Source:, by Justin Raimondo
While the whole civilized world is reeling in shock at the barbaric murder of Washington Post writer and Saudi “moderate” Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), the spotlight moves away from another despot on the other side of the world whose temperament was once thought to be more volcanic: Kim Jong-un, communist dictator of North Korea.

Remember when President Trump first announced the Korean peace initiative? Boy oh boy, the Washington wonks went wild! Why, Kim is a monster! He’s killed millions! It’s a trick! Is Trump crazy? – because, they claimed, Kim certainly is! When the Singapore Summit finally occurred, and Trump actually met Kim, the event was declared a “failure” by the Western media before it had begun.

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Will Italy Sink Europe? Former Goldman Chair Warns Brussels Bureaucrats, Rome Is…

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News Story Source:, by Jim O’Neill
Italy’s coalition government has been generating headlines with its pursuit of populist economic policies that threaten to leave eurozone fiscal rules in tatters. But before EU authorities respond, they should bear in mind that if Italy does not achieve stronger GDP growth, political conditions there could deteriorate further.

Despite political turmoil and emerging risks at the global level, the eurozone has had two years of strong economic growth, at least by its own historically disappointing standards – and even with the United Kingdom lurching toward withdrawal from the European Union. But with the emergence of a populist government in Italy this year, it is no longer safe to assume that the eurozone’s worst days are behind it.

Italy was the first country that I studied when I entered the financial world back in 1982, so I have a special affection for it. I was working for a very large American bank at the time, and I can still remember
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7 Reasons Why Goldman Believes Professional Investors Are Now Bailing On The Market

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News Story Source:, By Tyler Durden
With the market now well below both the September all time high, and the January “blow off top” spike, and unable to make new highs despite a third consecutive earnings season which will see earnings rise by a whopping 22% Y/Y, shrinking fwd PE multiples further and invite value investors to rotate out of growth stocks, traders and analysts have been quietly asking if “something changed” whether in terms of market sentiment and composition.

According to a new note released by Goldman’s derivatives strategist John Marshall, the answer is yes.

In the note, Goldman claims that the October sell-off has “reinforced our view that professional investors and US corporates are in the midst of a deleveraging process.”

We believe this shift began with the February 2018 VIX spike which kicked off a risk reduction among professional investors that will affect borrowing costs and corporate leverage.

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New study bolsters hypothesis that herpes virus causes Alzheimer’s

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News Story Source:, Rich Haridy
The article makes particular note of new population data out of Taiwan, finding that people infected with HSV1 are much more likely to develop senile dementia.

The idea that neurodegenerative disease could be spawned by viral infections is not new. For much of the 20th century the intriguing hypothesis sat on the fringes of neuroscience while the more popular amyloid hypothesis rose into common consensus by the end of the century.

A few scientists have recently rekindled the viral hypothesis, and Emeritus Professor Ruth Itzhaki has been one of the primary investigators in the area, working for over 25 years on the association. Itzhaki’s latest article offers a compelling overview of the science up to now, but perhaps the most interesting discussions are the ones surrounding newly released population data from Taiwan.

Taiwan is a treasure trove of data for scientists due to its National Health Insurance Research Database, which is composed of medical data from 99.9 percent
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Putin Lays Down the Law at Valdai

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News Story Source:, By Thomas Luongo
With tensions between Russia and the West reaching Cold War levels, Valdai represented the first time we’ve heard Putin speak in a long-form discussion since Helsinki and the events thereafter — IL-20, Khashoggi, etc.

So, this talk is worth everyone’s time.  And when I say everyone’s I mean every single person who could be affected by the breakdown of the U.S. political system and how that spills over onto Russia’s shores.

In other words, pretty much everyone on the planet.

Because what Putin did at Valdai was to lay down the new rules of conduct in geopolitical affairs.  He put the U.S. and European oligarchs I call The Davos Crowd on notice.

There is a limit to your provocations and attempts to undermine Russia.  So don’t cross that line.

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Google vs DuckDuckGo | Search engine manipulation, censorship and why you should switch

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News Story Source: YouTube.Com – The Hated One

Ultimate comparison between DuckDuckGo and Google is here listing all the reasons why you should switch from Google Search to DuckDuckGo.

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Switch to DuckDuckGo

Also install DuckDuckGo on your phone and web browser too!

Because search engines are second gate-keepers to the internet, it’s absolutely crucial to choose the one that will respect your privacy and provide uncensored and unfiltered search results. Google’s search neutrality has been compromised. Google notoriously develops more and more of its own tools that it then puts in front of organic search results.

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DARPA Insider Warns: The ‘Voice Of God Weapon’ Is Real:

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News Story Source: All News Pipeline
By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die
People laughed years ago when former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura hosted Dr. Robert Duncan on his ‘Conspiracy Theory’ TV show and Dr. Duncan discussed what he called the ‘Voice Of God’ weapon, technology he helped to develop. Allegedly used during the Iraq war via supposedly beaming Allah’s voices into the heads of Iraqi soldiers, telling them to ‘drop their weapons’, Dr. Duncan tells us they reportedly followed ‘Allah’s’ commands, not knowing they were coming from the United States military.  

While we’ve discussed voice to skull technology (V2K) in numerous stories on ANP, with at least one reader sure to tell us to ‘put your tinfoil hats’ on, this new story over at the Daily Mail reports that the US Marines have revealed their plans for a plasma crowd control weapon that can “SHOUT” at people from 3,000 feet away, then be turned up to temporarily
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Arizona cancels vaccine program after backlash from parents who don’t vaccinate

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News Story Source:

Thousands of children are not getting all their vaccinations, according to a new CDC report. Elizabeth Keatinge has more. Buzz60

PHOENIX – The state of Arizona has canceled a vaccine education program after receiving complaints from parents who don’t immunize their school-age children.

The pilot online course, modeled after programs in Oregon and Michigan, was created in response to the rising number of Arizona schoolchildren skipping school-required immunizations against diseases like measles, mumps and whooping cough because of their parents’ beliefs.

But some parents, who were worried the optional course was going to become mandatory, complained to the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council, which reviews regulations to ensure they are necessary and do not adversely affect the public. The six-member council is appointed by Gov. Doug Ducey, with an ex-officio general counsel.

Members of the council questione
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