America's Small Business Owners Have Been Horribly Abused During These Riots…

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News Story Source:, Dan Sanchez, Jon Miltimore
For nearly 20 years, Bridget McGinty and her sister ran Tastebuds, a popular lunch spot in downtown Cleveland.

On May 1, she made the torturous decision to close it forever after keeping it on life support for weeks after being closed due to the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“There were just too many things against us,” McGinty told The Washington Post, choking back tears.

McGinty’s story is tragically all too common.

America’s small businesses, the backbone of its economy, have been ravaged by the COVID-19 lockdowns.

A recent survey by Main Street America found that 7.5 million small businesses in America are at risk of closing their doors for good. A more recent survey showed that even with federal loans, close to half of all small business owners say they’ll have to shut down for good.

The toll has already been severe. In New York alone, stay-at-home orders have forced the permanent closure of more than 100,0
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WHO halts hydroxychloroquine test trial despite a new study showing the drug made patients 50%…

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News Story Source:, By LAUREN EDMONDS
The World Health Organization on Saturday announced that it was ending a trial of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine – widely touted by President Trump as a miracle drug – despite a new study finding it made coronavirus patients 50 per cent less likely to die.

WHO said in a press release that it has ‘accepted the recommendation’ from The International Steering Committee to discontinue the trial for hydroxychloroquine, as well as HIV/AIDS medications lopinavir and ritonavir, because it failed to reduce COVID-19 mortality. 

The drugs were being compared with standard care for hospitalized patients. 

‘These interim trial results show that hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir produce little or no reduction in the mortality of hospitalised COVID-19 patients when compared to standard of care,’ a press release read. 

‘Solidarity trial investigators will interrupt the trials with immediate effect,’ the WHO said in a statement,
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Stanford Doc: COVID Fatality Rate For People Under 45 Is “Almost 0%”

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Tesla Model 3 Performance Tears Up The Track: Road To Pikes Peak

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News Story Source:, By: Steven Loveday
A few weeks ago, we told you our own Kyle Conner was super busy, as there was a ton going on at the Out of Spec Motoring / InsideEVs US track in North Carolina. If you don’t follow all the YouTube channels, our articles, and our podcast, you may not be aware of just how crazy it was.

There were multiple events at the track, videos for all the channels, a few OEM test vehicles, a smaller road trip, visits from Now You Know, EV Dave, and i1Tesla, to name a few. In the midst of all this, Electric Performance also took a road trip out to the North Carolina track to test the Tesla Model 3 Performance that will hit the Pikes Peak Challenge.

Blake Fuller runs the Electrified Performance YouTube channel and is also the driver of the Pikes Peak Model 3. We talked to him and some of the others on one of our recent InsideEVs’ podcasts, which you can watch by clicking here. He also provides more details in the video above.

Since there was so much going on at&nb
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Why The Left-Wing Seems Insane (Mostly Because They Are)

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News Story Source:, by L. Neil Smith
Every single dumb-ass theory, every single crackpot notion ever conceived and cherished by the men, women, and whatever we call liberals—the socialsts who refer to themselves as “Progressives” and are actually Junior Communists—and every single political program ever derived from them over more than a century, has proven beyond the palest possible shadow of a doubt to be wrong-headed, futile, and ultimately destructive to individuals and to civilization.

There once was a time, long ago in a galaxy far away, when liberals seemed to comprehend some matters better—love, romance, and sexual freedom—than their traditional opponents. That’s what the sexual revolution of the 1960s was all about. I was a proud warrior in that fight. But gender feminism and political correctness took care of that.

For the full length of the last century, Western culture has been commanded by the blind, deaf, but never speechless entities who see things stubbornly as t
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No crowd, no problem: Joey Chestnut smashes his own July 4 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest…

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News Story Source:, By ARIEL ZILBER
While this year’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest had no spectators, one thing remained the same – Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo came out on top. 

The 36-year-old Chestnut devoured 75 wieners in 10 minutes on Saturday to win the Mustard Yellow Belt for the 13th time in 14 years.

Chestnut beat his own record of 74 hot dogs, which he set in 2018.

‘It was hard,’ Chestnut told ESPN. At one point, Chestnut was downing some 10 hot dogs per minute.

‘I knew I was fast in the beginning. It was like blistering speed. 

‘And the dogs were cooked really well today. Minute six is where I really missed the crowd… and I hit a wall, and it took me a little bit more work to get through it. 

‘This is a crazy year, and I’m happy I was able to get a record.’

Darron Breeden finished second in the men’s competition with 42 hot dogs and buns.

Sudo set her own world record by eating 48.5 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes.

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Frightening moment NY Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka is hit in the head by a line…

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News Story Source:, By FRANCES MULRANEY
The New York Yankees first official summer camp workout was hit with horror Saturday as pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was slammed in the head by a line drive off the bat of slugger Giancarlo Stanton. 

The frightening scene took place just minutes into live batting practice and caused right-hander Tanaka, 31, to collapse on the ground for around five minutes before he was able to sit up.  

Tanaka’s hat flew off and he immediately collapsed to the ground, cradling his head at Yankee Stadium. 

Trainers quickly ran to Tanaka and appeared to check his vision, as Stanton also fell to the ground and held his head in fear.  

They appeared to treat the right side of his head before Tanaka was helped to his feet and walked off the field with help.

Stanton, who had his jaw broken by a high fastball in 2014, bent over at home plate and watched motionlessly. 

New York star Aaron Judge repeatedly waved behind home plate and asked a video j
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California man flies 222.22 miles non-stop for over nine-and-a-half hours to break the record…

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News Story Source:, By ARIEL ZILBER
A California man was officially recognized as the world record holder for longest non-stop hang gliding flight by logging 222.22 miles above Owens Valley in California.

Owen Morse, who is one half of the professional juggling duo The Passing Zone alongside Jon Wee, shattered the record by flying his Wills Wing T3 hang glider over the Sierra Nevada mountains of eastern California on June 19.

‘This flight was a dream come true for me,’ Morse told Cross Country Magazine.

‘For six years I’ve been chasing the out-and-back world record, and this year, all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together beautifully.’ 

It took more than nine-and-a-half hours for Morse to complete the course. He managed to reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour while meandering his way through the Owens Valley.

The Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), the world governing body for air sports, including hang gliding, reviewed Morse’s flight data
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ANOTHER fire breaks out at a power station in Iran following a string of explosions…

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News Story Source:, By JORDAN KING
A fire at a power station in Iran today is the latest in a string of fires and explosions all over the country including one at a medical clinic that left 19 people dead. 

The fire broke out at the Zergan power plant in the city of Ahvaz in southwestern Iran causing a transformer in the station to explode and ignite the plant. 

The fire caused partial electricity outages before it was put out by fire fighters, who spent two hours fighting the blaze, and electricity was restored.

Mohammad Hafezi, the power plant’s health and safety manager, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) the cause of the fire was under investigation. 

Meanwhile, also on Saturday, a unit of the Karoon petrochemicals plant in south-east Iran, near the Gulf, had a chlorine gas leak, the Iranian oil ministry’s news agency reported. 

The leak sickened 70 workers with injuries from chlorine inhalation but most of them were released after receivi
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Why I’ve fled my home in Hong Kong aged 26 to keep fighting the tyrants of Beijing:

Read more on this subject: ChinaNews Story Source:, By NATHAN LAWAs my plane took off, I looked down wistfully for one last time at the city I love so much, with its skyscrapers, its ferries and its fabulous fizzing energy.

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