Why Singapore’s Healthcare Spending Is so Low

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
See paragraph in the book review below that I’ve highlighted, which states why Singapore’s healthcare system has excellent outcomes at low costs.  Left unsaid is the possibility that the Singapore population has different genetics than Americans, has a healthier diet, has less obesity and thus less heart disease and diabetes, and has far, far, far fewer hospitalizations and deaths from violence and substance abuse.  It’s ironic that the book supposedly addresses the problem in sociology of controlling for too many independent variables but then apparently doesn’t control for important racial and social variables.


Mencken’s Ghost

Harmonizing Policy

Peter Murphy uses pattern analysis to assess how public sectors function

By Edward Cranswick

City Journal, November 8, 2019

Limited Government: The Public Sector in the Auto-Industrial Age, by Peter Murphy (Routledge, 230 pp., $140.00)

Unlike many sociologis
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Freedom Activism 101

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Opinion Column by Ernest Hancock
The following aphorisms are the work of libertarian novelist L. Neil Smith. They have been the bedrock for libertarian activism in Arizona for the last 20 years (since 1994 – now going on 21 years, this was written a while ago) and are the best explanation I can provide for the tactics of our past/future. Enjoy.

*Never soft-peddle the truth. It’s seldom self-evident and almost never sells itself, because there’s less sales resistance to a glib and comforting lie.

*Understand from the minute the fight begins that you’re going to take damage. Accept it. (You’ll always suffer more from the idiots and cowards on your own side than from any enemy.) Keep your overall goal in mind above all. Those who swerve to avoid a few cuts and bruises defeat themselves.

*If you’re not a little bit uncomfortable with your position, it isn’t radical enough. How can you be too principled? Take the most extreme position you can. You’re claiming territory you won’t hav
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Immigration: Americans Are Losing This War At Our Borders

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
“Immigration is a form of war in which the violence is delayed.” ~ Martin Van Crevald

This week, movie theaters opened with one of the most epic sea battles of World War II:  Midway.  It’s a heart wrenching movie depicting the lives of men fighting off a carrier and flying into Japanese anti-aircraft guns.  It’s about the brutality of war.  It’s about them killing us and us killing them.  We turned the tide against Japan at Midway.

As a service brat of a United States Marine who served in the Marshall Islands during WWII, I walked into the movie with dread.  I lived on Navy bases; I lived on Marine bases and I lived the military life my first 18 years.  It gets into your gut as the son of a U.S. Marine.  You feel pride and patriotism like few others.

You stop and stand for the flag being lowered at dusk.  You place your hand over your heart.  You stand at ball games while singing the National Anthe
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Hail, Caesar!

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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I am convinced that Christian conservatives, on the whole, care absolutely nothing about constitutional government. They care absolutely nothing about the Bill of Rights, God’s Natural Law or the Declaration of Independence. In their hearts, they support monarchy and dictatorship. It’s not the idea of monarchy that they find repugnant. All they find repugnant is the idea that the monarchy might be led by a Democrat. The idea of a Trump monarchy thrills them to no end.

Donald Trump is a total ignoramus when it comes to constitutional government and Natural Law. Remember, this is the guy who said Article. 2. of the Constitution gave him the right to do “whatever I want.” And most Christian conservatives seem to be totally fine with that.

I’m reading Christian conservatives by the dozens that express their strong desire for Trump to send military troops to take over California, for Trump to declare mar
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What Happens When We Lose Our Core Identity in America

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
This past week, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed that his country no longer enjoys a “core identity.”  With his father’s quest to multiculturalize Canada away from being Canadian, the son continues to immigrate our northern neighbor into a quagmire of cultures, languages and violent religions.   He’s succeeding, too.  

Canada’s large cities such as Vancouver no longer feature the Canadian flag.  The Chinese dominate that city via numbers, culture and language.  It’s truly no longer a Canadian city.  The Chinese ran out the Canadians in the past 30 years via massive chain-migration. I wouldn’t put it past them to secede from Canada and make BC a Chinese state, which will import millions of Chinese.

If you visit Ottawa or Montreal, you see more people from other countries than Canadians.  You hear more languages than English or French.  You see
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Wisdom and Ignorance about Diversity

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
Wisdom is knowing how ignorant you are.

Sadly, there is little wisdom in America about the touchy subject of diversity, especially among influencers in academia, media, politics, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue.  They are noticeably ignorant on the subject but don’t realize it.  Worse, they think they are “woke” but are actually “sleep.”

Examples of their ignorance will be discussed momentarily, including the dubious claim in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that diversity improves the bottom line.

I’m ignorant about most things but not about diversity.  The next two paragraphs explain the basis of this biased opinion but can be skipped if you’re not interested.  The paragraphs are inserted as armor plate to deflect the personal attacks that inevitably come from disagreeing with diversity orthodoxy.  

My knowledge of diversity goes back to 1) being a follower of Roosevelt Thomas when he b
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SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: November 3, 2019 Edition

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Opinion Column by John Semmens
Warren’s Free Health Care for All Plan Costs $52 Trillion

This week, Democratic presidential contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveiled her much-touted “free health care for all” plan. The estimated ten-year cost of $52 trillion will be entirely borne by the “rich.”

“The middle class—those living on public assistance, unemployment benefits, or working in the informal economy—will receive care at no cost to themselves,” Warren boasted. “The rich—those who own businesses that withhold necessities from the masses unless they are paid for supplying them and their employees will be compelled to bear the burden of universal health care.”

Rival presidential contender former Vice-President Joe Biden accused Warren of “mathematical gymnastics. Clearly, the vast majority of those she is calling ‘rich’ are the working stiffs who are the backbone of the middle class. As she would have it, anyone who receives a salary
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Racial Marxism Coming Your Way

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
When Karl Marx published Das Kapital 152 years ago, thinkers of the day had no inkling of the horrors that it would unleash.  And if anyone had predicted the horrors, the person would have been ridiculed as an alarmist.

Well, a new book by African-American intellectual Ibram X. Kendi is not going to result in the same horrors of Communism, but I predict that it is going to fuel the authoritarian tendencies on the left, which in turn will fuel the reactionary tendencies of the right–which, in response to both extremes, will result in even more identify politics, divisiveness, redistribution, witch hunts, public shaming, and speech control. 

Gird your loins, especially if you’re of the wrong race. 

Marx believed that one’s class determined one’s future—that the working class, or labor, would remain at a socioeconomic disadvantage to the capital class, because the return on labor would always be lower than the return on capital.&nbsp
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Tucson Resort Hosts "Nonprofit" Bigshots

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
Let me start by lambasting myself to save you the trouble:  Mencken’s Ghost, you are a cynical, negative jerk for criticizing nonprofits.

Okay, now that we’ve had that emotional outburst, let’s engage the reasoning side of the brain and deal with some facts.

It is a fact that an organization named The Nonprofit Alliance recently held a two-day conference at the swank Ventana Canyon Resort, which is in sight of my house in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains in metro Tucson.  The resort is next to the trailhead for the U.S. Park Service’s Ventana Canyon Trail, which begins at an elevation of about 3,000 ft., reaches almost 7,000 ft., and connects to other trails that climb to the top of the range at over 9,000 ft.

Among other features, the resort is on a golf course, has a view of city lights, and has a waterfall flowing over a cliff face behind the main building—a waterfall that is kept flowing in the long dry season by powerful pumps.
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US Dirty War on Iran Targets its Scientists

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
US Dirty War on Iran Targets its Scientists

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US war on Iran by other means is all about wanting the nation colonized as a vassal state, its sovereignty eliminated, its oil, gas, and other resources looted, its people exploited as serfs.

Illegal US sanctions are weapons of war by other means, what Iranian officials call economic terrorism.

They’re all about crushing its economy and immiserating its people. War by other means also targets Iranian scientists, notably distinguished stem cell expert Masoud Soleimani.

He heads Tarbiat Modares University’s Hematology Department, his academic credentials and scientific standing as an eminent expert in his field recognized internationally.

Granted visa permission to visit the US, he was en route to Rochester, MN to work at the Mayo Clinic, invited to head a research program involved in treating stroke patients.

On arrival in
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