The cold is rising

I’ve long been a fan of poet Alfred Starr Hamilton, and years back had a web
page or two dedicated to him. Those pages have since been transferred to
this here blog. So, it is with some surprise I see on the tubes a Band Camp page for the Bye
Bye Black… Continue reading

Open Source Band Names List for as yet unnamed or non-existent bands IV

Just because I have nothing else to post.  These days I just cain’t write for shit, because a broken soul cain’t hold a pen….

Cats in Heat    Dr, Medusa    Death by Divorce    The A’s Teem    Ostrich Politics    The Drizzlies    Little Ugly Annie   … Continue reading

Birthmark, Redux

I previously posted about a play I adapted from Hawthorne’s The Birthmark way back in 1998 (I think) and shared some photos.  

During the story, the “mad scientist” Aylmer photographs his wife Georgina, so our actor actually took a photo during the … Continue reading

A few words from the critics….

Le Colber

Here’s either some shameless self-promotion or just some plain ol’ Johnny Hustle.  Hopefully you don’t see this as smarmy tooting of my own horn.  I just want you to read the book!  Two of these blurbs have already appeared on the blog but … Continue reading

Links to Links

Got some referrals recently:

The Knights of the Golden Circle blog reproduced Lone Star Republics orignally here.

Big League Politics referred to Freemasonries: David Henry X°, Clandestinity and Recognition in What Was Kamala Harris Staffer And His M… Continue reading

My Name is Toni

My friend Waithira Francis has published a book entitled My Name is Toni, which I intend to review on LoS when time permits.

I was supposed to read and review it before publishing for a back cover quote, but alas, I was just too busy to finish the boo… Continue reading