Australia Cancels COVID Vaccine Trial Over ‘Unexpected’ False Positives For HIV

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News Story Source: Zero Hedge
The Australian government has canceled further development of a COVID-19 vaccine after several trial participants had false positive tests for HIV. The vaccine was being developed by the University of Queensland, while Australian biotech company CSL Limited had been under contract to provide 51 million doses. The vaccine had been on schedule for mid-2021, with phase two and three clinical trials due to commence in December.

On Friday, however, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the "University of Queensland vaccine will not be able to proceed based on the scientific advice, and that will no longer feature as part of Australia's vaccine plan," adding "I think the decision we've made today should give Australians great assurance that we are proceeding carefully, we are moving swiftly, but not with any undue haste here."

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