At The Appointed Hour Of 2020: These Things Need Attention

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Have you ever seen a country devolving, degrading and/or disintegrating right in front of your own eyes?  One took at Canada would shock most Americans to see their major cities like Vancouver being taken over by the Chinese immigrants, and Toronto and Montreal no longer Canadian—but something ugly and foreign.  One look at all of Europe shows their leaders bending over backwards to destroy their cultures, languages and quality of life—-all by the hand of importing third world refugees by the millions.

Ironically those same refuges degrade, devolve and desecrate everything European.  If you bring them out of the slums of Africa and the Middle East, they will, and they ARE destroying Europe.  Read, The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray.  It not only sickens you; it connects the dots on how it's being done to America and Canada by their-our own leaders.

Well, look around America as to the same p
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