Assad: Syria Combating Terrorists and Foreign Backers

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Assad: Syria Combating Terrorists and Foreign Backers

by Stephen Lendman

Rogue states wanting Assad ousted and Syrian sovereignty destroyed include America, NATO, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and their allies – partners in high crimes against peace.

Interviewed by Belarus' ONT News Agency, Assad blasted foreign regimes supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria – all with a common thread, he said, representing "extremist Wahhabi ideology."

"And all of them are instruments in the hands of the United States" – Obama and now Trump waging war on his country.

"…Western Europe doesn't practically exist on the political map. Europe implements what America wants, without any objection." 

"All of these groups operate under the American leadership. So, whether we say that they are foreign powers, ISIS and al-Nusra, or others, the director and financier is the same." 

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