As The Oligarchy Creates A New Group of Revolutionaries

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
As I write this, the Wall Street complex is creating a new group of radicals… a potent new group of radicals. By now, you probably know the outline of the story:

A large number of young people, many of them locked out of work, used their time to poke around the stock market, looking for opportunities; something that micro-trading apps, stimulus checks and the Internet made practical. Soon enough they discovered hedge funds doing the nasty things that hedge funds do… and turned their game back upon them. They crashed at least one of them.

Bear in mind that this was done by the rules. Except that the big, unwritten rule was violated:

We're powerful and you're not.

The Security and Exchange Commission – the people who investigated Bernie Madoff three times and found nothing – stepped in to do what it does: protect the overlords. They issued behind-the-scenes orders, stopped the upstarts and saved their friends… and a day later issued st
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