Documents You Print Secretly Contain Your Identity

Since the 1980s all laser printers secretly encode your identity onto every piece of paper you print from them. Check out The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction in paperback on, or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, or Google Play. Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and… Continue reading

YouTube Cancels Billions of Video Views after Finding They Had Been ‘Faked by the Music Industry’

By Damien Gayle Mail Online: The world’s biggest recording companies have been stripped of two billion YouTube hits after the website cracked down on alleged ‘fake viewers’. Universal, home of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber, lost a total of one billion views in the video site’s biggest ever crackdown on artificially inflated figures. Sony […] Continue reading

The New World Order

With prophetic timing, Pat Robertson takes a penetrating look at the reality and rhetoric of the coming new world order and the implications for people of faith. This New York Times bestseller gives a compelling assessment of the imminent dangers looming on the world’s horizon. List price: $5.99

Modern Terrorism and Privateers (Video)

More…How They Fake Terrorism – Manufactured Fear (A Must Watch Video!!)Stop Trying To Make Your Life Normal (Video)The Reaper Presidency: Obama’s 300th Drone Strike in PakistanWarning – Debt Pimps Are Taking Total Control (Video)Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military Popular Culture Promotes the Police State US Forces Rape Women in Northern Afghanistan VillageThe US Military […] Continue reading

The internet is leaving children brain-dead

Inventor warns ‘Google generation who spend life in front of screens are losing creativity and skills’ JOHN STEVENS UK Daily Mail One of Britain’s leading inventors has warned that  a ‘Google generation’ who rely on the internet for  everything are in danger of becoming ‘brain-dead’. Trevor Baylis, who invented the wind-up radio, said children are […] Continue reading

You Are What You Speak: Grammar Grouches, Language Laws, and the Politics of Identity

“An insightful, accessible examination of the way in which day-to-day speech is tangled in a complicated web of history, politics, race, economics and power.” – Kirkus What is it about other people’s language that moves some of us to anxiety or even rage? For centuries, sticklers the world over have… Continue reading

Who is Baphomet?

Baphomet is an enigmatic, goat-headed figure found in several instance in the history of occultism. From the Knights Templar of the Middle-Ages and the Freemasons of the 19th century to modern currents of occultism, Baphomet never fails to create controversy. But where does Baphomet originate from and, most importantly, what is the true meaning of […]

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