Bank of America Seizes E-Commerce Funds of Online Gun Parts Retailer, Says They ‘Shouldn’t Sell’ Guns

By J.D. heyes Natural News: It seems that gun bias is deepening in some sectors of American society, even enticing some firms to break the law – or, at the very least, abuse the law – in order to pursue their anti-Second Amendment agenda. That certainly seems to be the case with Bank of America, […] Continue reading

Rapid DNA Analyzers Coming to Every Police Station and TSA Checkpoint in America

By J.D.Heyes Natural News: If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you’ve got nothing to worry about, right? That seems to be the pervasive logic of an increasing number of government officials and agencies that have forgotten the uniquely American legal principle of being presumed innocent until proven guilty. How else to explain the acceptance […] Continue reading

Prominent Rifle Manufacturer Killed In Mysterious Car Crash Days After Posting Psych Drug Link To School Shooters

(NaturalNews) What you are about to read is astonishing. I’m not even sure what’s the right conclusion to draw from it. But here’s what we know so far: John Noveske is one of the most celebrated battle rifle manufacturers in America. His rifles, found at are widely recognized as… Continue reading

Impunity for US Government Workers Using Child Porn (Video)

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