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Top Secret Genetic Enhancement & Mind Control

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Cthulhu Rising


The spook establishment doesn’t at all seem to be hunkering down quietly in the wake of the now weekly revelations of the depth and breadth of its domestic and international espionage and surveillance.

Au contraire, mon frère!  Instead they’ve given a big “fuck you” to the world with the design of their latest mission patch.  As HuffPo puts it:  “America Is Launching A Giant, World-Sucking Octopus Into Space”.  Again.

This from the launch of a classified payload by the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA partner responsible for providing satellite-based surveillance capabilities.

This wasn’t exactly hidden, as the logo was tweeted by the Office of the DNI on the day of the launch:

Ready for launch? An Atlas 5 will blast off at just past 11PM, PST carrying an classified NRO payload (also cubesats)

So, is this a result of arrogant indifference to the concerns of the American public over NSA/NRO spying activities?  Is it an ironic joke?  Or could it be a threatening reminder, a kind of Psy-op employed as none-too-subtle intimidation tactic?

I suspect the latter.  But I have been wrong before.  Once. Continue reading

Shameless Greenpeace Global Warming Propaganda Video Threatens to Cancel Christmas

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