Who Are The Illuminati? The Secret Societies, Symbols, Bloodlines and The New World Order

Hidden behind the veil of their secret society the group known as the Illuminati have still managed to garner great attention and acclaim. They have been blamed for everything imaginable such as being the igniting force behind the French Revolution and being the real masterminds behind the 9/11 attacks. They… Continue reading

PLO/Hamas Detente?

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
PLO/Hamas Detente?
by Stephen Lendman

Reports announced it. Previous efforts failed. We’ve been here, done that several several times before. Is this time different?
It remains to be seen. On April 23, Haaretz headlined “Palestinian factions prepare to implement reconciliation deal.”
Mounib Al-Masri headed Abbas’ negotiating team. “There has been great progress, and we are near ready to sign a deal at 11AM” local time, he said.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zahawiri issued a similar statement. A formal announcement followed. Maan News headlined “PLO/Hamas announce agreement to end political division,” saying:

“PLO and Hamas representatives announced an historic unity deal on Wednesday to bring to an end more than seven years of political division between the main Palestinian political parties.”

Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh announced “the end of years of Palestinian political division in a press conference in Gaza City…&quot
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Ten things you need to know about Tony Blair’s ‘extremism’

by  Lindsey German and Robin Beste Stop the War Coalition | 24 April 2014. In a keynote speech on 23 April 2014, Tony Blair blamed Islamic extremism for failures of western intervention in the Middle East. Here are ten things he neglected to mention about the extremism of his own political career. 1. Tony Blair has never shown a shred […] Continue reading