The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of “Blackstar”

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In the wake of David Bowie’s death, his last album, “Blackstar”, is his swan song, an enigmatic conclusion to a career punctuated by otherworldly alter-egos and esoteric symbolism. We’ll look at the meaning of “Blackstar” in the context of David Bowie’s career. Very few artists can boast the longevity of David Bowie in the music industry, as his career spanned over five […]

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THE DRAGNET: How a man accused of million-dollar fraud uncovered a never before seen, secret surveillance device

Three months after the FedEx episode, on August 3rd, the task force descended on an apartment complex near the San Jose airport, rented in the name Steven Travis Brawner. Agents caught Rupard outside the complex, and served a search warrant on his apartment and storage unit later that day. They found $117,000 in US currency, 230 ounces of gold, and 588 ounces of silver, along with the dark gray hoodie tying him to the drop at the train station and a Verizon AirCard tying him to the bank accounts. By the time the case was over, the agents would recover more than $1.4 million.

The suspect was charged with 35 counts of wire fraud, 35 counts of aggravated identity theft, and three other miscellaneous charges — enough to keep him in jail for the rest of his life. Taking his fingerprints three days later, the police finally worked back to his name — not Rupard, or Stout, or Brawner, or Aldrich, or any of the others. His name was Daniel Rigmaiden.

But there was something else, something that wasn’t reported on the seizure affidavit, the complaint, or any of the documents that followed. To track Rigmaiden down, the investigators had used a secret device, one that allowed them to pinpoint their target with far more accuracy than Verizon could. They called it a cell-site simulator, or by its trade name, Stingray. Neither term was found in the court order that authorized its use. The device had to be kept secret, even from the courts.

The Stingray had worked perfectly. Agents traced the suspect’s AirCard back to his apartment and now had more than enough evidence for a conviction. But in the years that followed, that open-and-shut case would turn into something far more complex. Working from prison, Rigmaiden would unravel decades of secrecy, becoming the world’s foremost authority on the device that sent him to jail. By the time he was finished, a covert surveillance device and the system that kept it secret would be exposed to the public for the very first time. Continue reading

The Templars: The History and the Myth: From Solomon’s Temple to the Freemasons

Arguably one of the most provocative, puzzling, and misunderstood organizations of medieval times, the legendary Knights Templar have always been shrouded in a veil of mystery, while inspiring popular culture from Indiana Jones to Dan Brown. In The Templars, author Michael Haag offers a definitive history of these loyal Christian… Continue reading

Pulling an Oneida….

This seal will stay

When I saw this village emblem in an article on my Facebook news feed I thought I was looking at something from the Onion or some other piece of satire.  I looked for a motto such as “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”

Fortunately I’m not overly sensitive, for it appeared as though some white dude is choking the life out of some unfortunate Native American

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It is this narrative that is the subject of Incontrovertible, a powerful new documentary by U.K. filmmaker Tony Rooke. Insightful, compelling, and comprehensive, Incontrovertible delivers sobering messages that will stir the soul, enrage the conscience, and kindle a fervent resolve to speak truth to power.

Utilizing an army of facts unearthed by David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, Richard Gage, Graeme MacQueen, and other 9/11 Truth pioneers, Incontrovertible wages war against the tyranny of the 9/11 miracles. And through Rooke’s own unique convention of superimposing evidence onto computer screens in various solitary locations, it mocks mainstream censorship that seeks to silence all debate and promote a tacit understanding that any divergence from the official narrative is treasonous and unwelcome in the public arena.

While Incontrovertible bills itself mostly as an appeal to police and firefighters to muster the courage to “call out” the ongoing fraud of 9/11, this important film is a must-see for anyone who strives to live in a reality-based world.

Masterfully edited, Incontrovertible begins its two-hour journey by walking us through one of the many 9/11 miracles: the miracle of the most important building never heard of — World Trade Center Building 7.

This 576-foot steel-framed high-rise housed, among other tenants, the U.S. Secret Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the New York City Office of Emergency Management, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Defense, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Consisting of 47 football-field-sized floors of structural steel and concrete, each supported by 80 columns, WTC 7 was not hit by a plane. But on September 11th, it fell suddenly and symmetrically through itself into a smoldering mass of melted steel and pulverized rubble in less than seven seconds. The official explanation: random office fires on the 12th floor.

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