Brilliant! Belgian Firefighters Cover Riot Police With Foam in Anti-Austerity Protests

Earlier this week, inflamed Belgian firefighters took to the streets to protest working conditions and continued cuts to the service and ended up somewhat amusingly soaking unsympathetic riot police with water and blanketing them in foam to display their displeasure at the force’s unsupportive presence. The fuming firefighters gathered outside the prime minister’s office but […] Continue reading

Revealed: How Pentagon FAKED repatriation of fallen soldiers for years

The American Circus Show has done everything they can to keep the world entertained with lies and hoaxes. The show includes phony ceremonies in decommissioned planes that doesn’t even fly and bodies that had spent months in labs.  Enjoy the show… UK Daily Mail October 11, 2013 For seven years, the Department of Defense has […] Continue reading

Feds Collect $56 Billion in Taxes in 9 Days of ‘Shutdown’

Brave New World says… A report from CNS News revealed today how the Fed continues to make revenue on tax collected during the shutdown. While the U.S. citizens are busy watching their sports and reality TV shows, the political Zionist charlatans continue sucking the wealth of the country on everybody’s face and nobody does anything […] Continue reading

2 Chainz blames Illuminati symbolism on video directors

Rap website HipHopDX posted up an interview 2 Chainz had with and in it, he specifies that all of the Illuminati symbolism we see comes from the video directors who place it there, (supporting the theories that these artists are merely pawns in this scheme): “Anytime I even talked about Illuminati, I would try … Continue reading » Continue reading

Mind Control in the Music Industry ~ Part 2

By Tai Carmen “As artists we’re highly sensitive people, and this machine around us, this so-called ‘music industry,’ is such a demonic thing. It’s sacrifices people’s lives and their essences at the drop of a dime … I had a manager once say to me, ‘ You know you’re worth more money dead than alive.”’ […] Continue reading

Glenn Beck: Scream at your children until they believe in God

Glenn Beck branched out on Wednesday from his usual political conspiracy crazy-making to dispense some terrible parenting advice. You see, Beck believes that parents should use verbal abuse and physical intimidation to teach their children that their rights “come from God” by getting “in their face” and making them cry…. Continue reading

George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice

If you have realized lately that there is something very wrong with the reality we are experiencing, this video is for you. If you are starting to question everything around you, this video is for you. But if you are one of those moralists-government-defenders-religious-hypocrites, the following video could make you feel very upset. The truth […] Continue reading

Ex-Treasury Official: Obama Could Use Debt Crisis to Seize Total Power

President could declare national emergency, pass executive order Paul Joseph Watson Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts warns that President Barack Obama could use the debt ceiling crisis to seize total power, by declaring a national emergency and passing an executive order in the name of preventing an economic collapse. With […] Continue reading

Illuminati symbolism in American Horror Story

Season 3 of American Horror Story started up and this season is about a coven of witches (appropriately named Coven). Similar to the first two seasons it features some of the same actors playing different roles. Either way, the FX network is pushing symbolism of evil in all of its forms; lust, hate, devil worship, … Continue reading » Continue reading