Qatar’s Al Jazeera Launches Right-Wing News Platform For Americans “Who Feel Left Out”

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News Story Source:, by Tyler Durden
“Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news network that has previously sought to become a liberal media force in the US, is launching a platform to target conservatives, it was revealed on Tuesday,” The Guardian reports.

The Al Jazeera outlet will be called Rightly, and apparently aims to imitate and partake of Fox News’ longtime success as leading the US mainstream. Rightly plans to cater to center-right Americans and is headed by Fox News’ Scott Norvell. Its target audience has been further described as Republicans who “feel left out of mainstream media,” Politico noted, in perhaps a hint it also seeks to tap into pro-Trump support.

Much of the stir on social media after Tuesday’s announcement was focused around Liberals being outraged over the move, questioning why America would need another ‘center-right’ publication. But the more interesting angle is the fact that Al Jazeera is backed by the Qatari government.

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Peak COVIDiocracy?

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News Story Source:, by Paul Joseph Watson
The picture appears to show two girls playing saxophones while trapped inside the awning-like structures, while others in the background play flute.

According to the article, “You can’t see them smiling beneath the masks,” but the kids are happy to be back at school.

The article quotes Wenatchee Principal Eric Anderson, who celebrates the fact that the school environment has been carefully tailored to ensure that students never remove their face coverings.

“We really have an environment in this building where there is never a reason where a kid has to take their mask off,” he said.

That’s presumably why the children in the image have been made to stand inside the tents, because they have to remove their masks to play the instruments.

Growing up in a world where they are forcibly isolated from each other, starved of physical contact and cannot properly discern facial reactions while having to wear humiliating human tents.

What coul
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Stunning video shows just how quiet Joby’s eVTOL air taxi will be

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News Story Source:, By Loz Blain
Here’s our first proper look at the world’s most advanced eVTOL air taxi taking off, transitioning to horizontal flight, cruising and landing.

Joby released the videos as part of an investor push as it gears up to go public on the New York Stock Exchange with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) called Reinvent Technology Partners.

The Californian company has been working on its aircraft far longer than most, and its five-seat, 200-mph (322-km/h) electric VTOL aircraft has already proven itself in more than 1,000 test flights. Offering a range up to 150 miles (240 km) using existing battery technology, the Joby aircraft uses six large tilting rotors to achieve vertical lift and horizontal winged cruise. It’s one of the most complete and well thought-out aircraft in the space.

The company has enormous manufacturing resources behind it thanks to a mega-deal with Toyota. It also owns Uber Elevate, and thus has the potential to put together a beau
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The Lies Aren't Secret

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News Story Source: by Jim Bov
Secrecy is the ultimateentitlement program for the Deep State. The federal government is creating trillions of pages of new secrets every year. The more documents bureaucrats classify, the more lies politicians and government officials can tell. In Washington, deniability is prized far more than truth. 

At the end of the Trump era, the Deep State is triumphant at home and abroad. Trump’s epic clashes with federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies helped cripple his administration, and they illustrate the continued danger of Deep State secrecy. If all of the FBI’s shenanigans on Russiagate came to light, it would be far more difficult for the FBI to manipulate American politics and presidents in the future. If CIA records on Syrian rebels were exposed, the Biden administration would have far more difficulty dragging America back into the Syrian civil war. But both seem unlikely. Recent court rulings make clear how badly Trump failed to drain t
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Interview 1620 New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

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‘Papers, Please’: Vaccine Passports Have Officially Arrived

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News Story Source: by Joseph Mercola
By showing proof that you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine, perhaps you can once again board an airplane and travel freely, attend a concert or enjoy a meal in your favorite restaurant, just like you used to.

Except, being required to present your “papers” in order to live your life isn’t actually freedom at all — it’s discrimination, and even a move toward technocratic fascism, one that’s setting the stage for increased surveillance and erosion of your privacy.

Nonetheless, this blatant move toward an ever-increasing surveillance state is being welcomed by many who have been led to believe the passports are necessary to protect public health and safety.

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Fancy sitting next to a sabre-toothed tiger? David Attenborough’s new app…

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News Story Source:, By Ian Randall
‘Museum Alive’, from Alchemy Immersive and Atlantic Productions, is an extension of Sir David’s BAFTA-winning 2013 documentary ‘Natural History Museum Alive’.

Suitable for all ages, the app uses your camera to create the illusion of being on a prehistoric safari — watching a sabre-toothed tiger, or Smilodon, stalking its prey.

Users can also bring to life a fossil Diamorphodon, a flying reptile that lived alongside dinosaurs some 195–190 million years ago during the Late Jurassic.

And delving further back in time to the oceans of 500 million years ago, the app introduces Opabinia, a weird, segmented soft-bodied predator with five eyes.

These scientifically accurate, animated dioramas are accompanied by information-rich image and video packs that tell the story of our planet over millions of years.

Future updates, the team told MailOnline, will see the addition of more creatures — including Mauritius’ iconic extinct flig
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Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US

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News Story Source:, Associated Press
February is usually the peak of flu season, with doctors’ offices and hospitals packed with suffering patients. But not this year.

Flu has virtually disappeared from the U.S., with reports coming in at far lower levels than anything seen in decades.

Experts say that measures put in place to fend off the coronavirus — mask wearing, social distancing and virtual schooling — were a big factor in preventing a “twindemic” of flu and COVID-19. A push to get more people vaccinated against flu probably helped, too, as did fewer people traveling, they say.

Flu-related hospitalizations, however, are a small fraction of where they would stand during even a very mild season, said Brammer, who oversees the CDC’s tracking of the virus.

Flu death data for the whole U.S. population is hard to compile quickly, but CDC officials keep a running count of deaths of children. One pediatric flu death has been reported so far this season, compared with 92 reported at
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Five Oregon Counties to Vote on Joining 'Greater Idaho'

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News Story Source:
Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman counties will put the initiative to alter the state borders to the ballot, according to Mike McCarter, the leader of Move Oregon’s Border.

“Oregon is a powder keg because counties that belong in a red-state like Idaho are ruled by Portlanders,” McCarter said, adding that, “this state protects Antifa arsonists, not normal Oregonians, it prioritizes one race above another for vaccines and program money and in the school curriculum, and it prioritizes Willamette Valley above rural Oregon.”

McCarter asserted that an initiative for several counties to join Idaho is not secession, since it does not intend to interfere with the balance of power in the US Senate or change the number of states in the country.

“We’re not trying to change a single thing with Idaho,” McCarter said of the Oregon counties, “We just want to come alongside them and maintain the values.”

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Politicians Shouldn't Be Managing Pandemics They Will Bend Science To Fit Their Political Object

Read more on this subject: Political PartiesNews Story Source: by Bill Sardi"The COVID-19 Pandemic In The United States Is Currently As Much A Political Problem As It Is A Public Health Problem."

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