US Knew of a Novel Coronavirus Threat, Failed to Prepare

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
US Knew of a Novel Coronavirus Threat, Failed to Prepare

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to a Nation magazine report, Trump deceived the public by falsely claiming the emergence and spread of COVID-19 was “unforeseen,” that it “came out of nowhere.”

The Nation obtained a 2017 Pentagon draft report that refutes his Big Lie.

Saying “(t)he most likely and significant threat is a novel respiratory disease, particularly a novel influenza disease” should have alerted Trump regime policymakers to prepare for outbreaks to be ready to respond as needed when they occurred.

They slept instead, leaving the nation and its people unprepared to deal with what’s happening and worsening daily. More on this below.

There are six known coronavirus strains that can infect humans. Most people contract one or more strains in their lifetimes.

They cause mild to moderate to more serious
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Trump Regime War Department Concealing Numbers of COVID-19 Infected Military Personnel

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Trump Regime War Department Concealing Numbers of COVID-19 Infected Military Personnel

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Monday, the Pentagon admitted that over 1,000 US military personnel are infected with COVID-19 — how much over not explained.

On the same day, it ordered commanders on all US bases worldwide to stop revealing numbers of infected personnel on their installations, including ships at sea and in ports.

If the secretive Pentagon admitted to a thousand COVID-19 cases, the number is likely much higher, growing exponentially for military personnel living and operating in close quarters.

At the height of Spanish Flu infections in 1918 during WW I’s final year, up to 40% of US army and navy personnel were ill from influenza and pneumonia — causing more deaths than trench warfare and other combat.

Thousands of troops aboard transport ships to and from France died.

During battlefie
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Sneak Attack by Iran on US Forces Coming?

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Sneak Attack by Iran on US Forces Coming?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

At a time when responsible leadership is vitally needed to deal with a national health and economic crisis, the US is led by an incompetent, self-serving, geopolitical know-nothing demagogue who’s indifferent toward public health, safety and welfare.

The US ship of state is rudderless, no courageous captain in charge to steer it safely through troubled waters.

Whatever the outcome of today’s unprecedented crisis in modern times, it’s highly likely that millions of ordinary Americans will be grievously hurt, many irreparably, because of an uncaring ship of state’s captain and crew — serving monied interests exclusively at the expense of the public welfare at a time when large-scale federal help is most needed no matter the cost.

Trump is the latest in a long line of US bellicose presidents — waging wars of aggression in
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‘Covid 19’ And 5G – What’s The Connection? The David Icke Dot Connector Videocast

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04-01-20 — James Corbett PODCAST w/ Phranq Tamburri (Trump Report) & Tim Picciott (Liberty Advisor)

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People Who Question Crisis Stories from Mainstream Media Visit Hospitals…

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News Story Source: Youtube (various commentators)
New York City
Phyllis and William Mack Pavilion Hospital in Manhattan: One man in the emergency room, refrigerated truck on hand, but nothing going on. Bellevue Hospital: Looks empty from the street view. Kings County Hospital: 10 people standing around, but not busy. Brooklyn Hospital: not crowded, despite media claims to the contrary. No lines or chaos. Emergency ward in Jamaica Hospital: full and had people waiting; important to know that this hospital provides discount and free services to ‘underserved’ low-income community and is always busy. Waiting time is usually 4 to 5 hours, as seen from Yelp reviews. (Note that hospital information ends at 7:20 and then there is a commercial that can be skipped).


Man in Seattle shows that there is no one one in the Multicare Medical Center emergency waiting room except the security guard. He returned two weeks later and the waiting room was still empty with only a few people milling about.


Youtuber Ja
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Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

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News Story Source: Thomas Paine
10f. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

Thomas Paine


addressed to the




On the following interesting



Americans could not break their ties with Britain easily. Despite all the recent hardships, the majority of colonists since birth were reared to believe that England was to be loved and its monarch revered.

Fear was another factor. Any student of history was familiar with the harsh manner the British employed on Irish rebels. A revolution could bring mob rule, and no one, not even the potential mob, wanted that. Furthermore, despite taxes, times were good. Arguments can be made that average American was more prosperous than the average Briton.

Yet there were the terrible injustices the colonists could not forget. Americans were divided against themselves. Arguments for independence were growing. Thomas Paine would provide the extra pus
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Michigan Democrat Clown Asks Feds for Hydroxychloroquine to Treat…

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News Story Source:
“On Friday March 27th, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer threatened to revoke the medical licenses of doctors and pharmacists who prescribe hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus in Michigan.  Four days later, March 31st, the same governor asks the federal government to send her hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus patients.”

Wait a minute, we’ve seen this one! Next she asks you to smell the flower on her lapel, a bunch of water come squirting out, and then all these other clowns start piling out of that little care behind her. Right?

 A) Obviously, if a state governor can threaten to yank the “licenses” of doctors and pharmacists should they prescribe a known and proven life-saving drug to sick people, the scam of “state licensing” of such professions — basically a protection racket that allows the elite of those professions to limit competition — is exposed. The endorsement of doctors and physicians based on
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Why Esports Are Poised to Overtake the Entertainment World

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News Story Source:, Jon Miltimore
On October 19, 1972, about two dozen people crammed into a poorly lit room at Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to watch a handful of students play video games.

Some came for the free beer. Others came to catch a glimpse of history—the first-ever “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics”—which was being recorded by Rolling Stone reporter Stewart Brand and photojournalist Annie Leibovitz.

The students were playing Spacewar!, a video game created a decade earlier by MIT student Steve Russell, which features two ships, “the needle” and “the wedge,” locked in a dogfight as they circle a gravity well.

When it was all over, Bruce Baumgart was declared the winner of the free-for-all competition. Two other students claimed the team competition. The prize? A year-long subscription to Rolling Stone.

The Spacewar! showdown at Stanford is considered the first-ever video game competition
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