Musk Promises 1 Million Robotaxis By Next Year In Laughable Autonomy “Investor Day”

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In some respects, Tesla’s autonomous driving investor day went exactly as one thought it might: lofty unreachable targets, incorrect and inaccurate allegations about competition and CEO Elon Musk nervously mumbling his way through questions and answers.

In short: no surprises there. 

But in other ways, the event differed from past investor events. Like the Model Y reveal, the attendee energy level in the room was painstakingly low, there was no noticeable excitement in the air and, until Musk’s bold claim for autonomous robotaxis scouring the streets in 2020, most analysts and those watching the livestream didn’t really even seem to understand what the point of the event was, nor what the company was saying.

But that didn’t keep Musk from reluctantly pushing forward and interrupting his own experts as the event walked through a painful, hours-long description of Tesla’s FSD hardware, followed by its software – before detailing the Tes
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Rather Than Ticketing Young Man for Driving Illegally, Officer Gave Him a Ride to His Job Interview

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Most people are not particularly thrilled to be pulled over by a police officer – especially not when they are illegally driving to an important job interview.

But rather than being issued a ticket, Ka’Shawn Baldwin was offered a ride.

The 22-year-old man from Cahokia, Illinois had been pulled over by Officer Roger Gemoules for driving a car with expired license plates last week. Not only that, Baldwin says that he did not have a valid driver’s license.

Baldwin explained how he had borrowed his friend’s car and opted to drive illegally because he was on his way to a job interview and he had no other means of transportation.

“He was very respectful when I pulled him over and you could just tell – I could feel that he really was wanting to get to this job interview,” Gemoules told CNN.

Upon hearing his story, Gemoules simply offered to give Baldwin a ride to the interview.

Baldwin was only a few minutes late, but he ended up landing the
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It is now possible to buy anything on Amazon with Lightning Network. Can this start the next bull run? Let’s discuss how this process works and what it means for Bitcoin and crypto as a whole. In connection to this, we’re talking about infrastructure inversion that Andreas Antonopoulos talks a lot about. In other news – American tennis star Serena Williams invests in Coinbase.

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Terrifying Government Program JUST Started In NYC, DC & Tampa! Is Your City Next?

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ISIS Says Behind Sri Lanka Bombings; Was ‘Retaliation’ For New Zealand Mosque Massacre

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Shortly after the death toll from Sunday’s Easter bombings in Sri Lanka climbed above the 300 mark, ISIS validated the Sri Lankan government’s suspicions that a domestic jihadi organization had help from an international terror network while planning the bombings were validated when ISIS took credit for the attacks.

The claim was made via a report from ISIS’s Amaq news agency. Though the group has lost almost all of the territory that was once part of its transnational caliphate, ISIS now boasts cells across the Muslim world, including in North Africa and elsewhere. Before ISIS took credit for the attack, a Sri Lankan official revealed that Sunday’s attacks were intended as retaliation for the killing of 50 Muslims during last month’s mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

However, the Sri Lankan government didn’t offer any evidence for that claim, or the claim that Sunday’s attacks were planned by two Islamic groups (though that now appe
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Assault-Rifle-Wielding Mexican Soldiers Disarm US Troops On Border

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Kamala Harris Vows To Impose Sweeping Gun-Control Plan Via Executive Action

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Monday night’s CNN Town Hall was one of the first opportunities for the top Democratic presidential contenders to come together and share their views on allowing child rapists, terrorists and murderers to vote, and other formerly radical policies that have somehow found their way into the Democratic mainstream. 

As each candidate vied to outdo one another, California Sen. Kamala Harris, widely rumored to have the party’s implicit backing as the “establishment choice” in a widening field of nearly two dozen candidates, boldly declared that she would take executive action to force federal agencies to write new rules on gun control should Congress “fail to act”.

“Upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws, and if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action,” Harris said Monday.

An aide to Harris said the senator wo
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Churches Have Become The #1 Target For Hate Attacks – An Average Of 105 Every Single Month

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Finding the Trunk

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It is upon the Trunk that a gentleman works.

–        Analects of Confucius, 1.2

, C.S. Lewis

I had no idea what this meant, “the Trunk.”  I did some digging.  I found a more complete passage: “…It is upon the trunk that the gentleman works. When that is firmly set up, the Way grows.”

This second chapter of Lewis’s short book is entitled “The Way.”  But I still don’t really get it.  So I found this:

It is upon the trunk [the fundamental] that a gentleman works. When that is firmly set up, the Way grows.  And surly proper behavior towards parents and elder brothers is the trunk of Goodness.

The words “the fundamental” are inserted by the author of the paper.  So, I at least learn that the trunk is fundamental and that the focus is on the family, with proper behavior toward parents and elders as “
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