Triple-Vaxed Israel Is Breaking COVID Case Records

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Ash’s remarks via video call to the Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee came as Health Ministry figures showed that over 10,000 new COVID-19 cases were diagnosed the day before and that the positive test rate was climbing.

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Uttar Pradesh, India, wipes out Covid with ivermectin

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At the end of April in Uttar Pradesh, every day 35,000 people were catching Covid  and 350 people were dying. With a population of 240 million people living in high density conditions, and with only 5% vaccinated, all the odds were against it.

This week across the whole state there were only 199 active cases in toto and a trickle of new daily cases.

Ponder that Utter Pradesh has about two thirds of the population of the USA and they’re living in a high density environment with a GDP of about $1,000 per capita, which is one sixtieth as much as the average American.  To add some perspective, it was only three years ago that the government finally connected everyone up to electricity.

The richest nations in the world are failing.

33 districts in Uttar Pradesh are now Covid-free

Hindustan Times Sept 10th, 2021

There are no active cases of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh, the state government informe
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The new warrant: how US police mine Google for your location and search history

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News Story Source:, Johana Bhuiyan
It was a routine bike ride around the neighborhood that landed Zachary McCoy in the crosshairs of the Gainesville, Florida, police department.

In January 2020, an alarming email from Google landed in McCoy’s inbox. Police were requesting his user data, the company told him, and McCoy had seven days to go to court and block its release.

McCoy later found out the request was part of an investigation into the burglary of a nearby home the year before. The evidence that cast him as a suspect was his location during his bike ride – information the police obtained from Google through what is called a geofence warrant. For simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, McCoy was being investigated and, as a result, his Google data was at risk of being handed over to the police.

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America's Frontline Doctors Post COVID Protocols; MSM Melts Down

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News Story Source:, by noah
And America’s Frontline Doctors are leading the charge in exposing what they believe is basic science.

Of course Big Media, Big Tech, Big Business and Big Pharma all HATE them, so I’ll just leave it there and let you decide who you want to follow.

I report, you decide!

What a novel concept!

And what I want to report right now is the recent COVID-19 Repair and Prevention Protocols posted by America’s Frontline Doctors.

Here is what they’re calling their Wellness Protocol and it sure seems very normal and common sense to me, how about you?

Then we have their Treatment Options, which again look very reasonable.

Folks, I’m not going to tell you what to do or not do, you have to make up your own mind and consult with your own doctor.

But as a non-medical person, doesn’t this stuff sound like a good idea?

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On the September 18 Rally for Prisoners of January 6

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News Story Source: by Patrick Byrne
I understand why citizens would rally in support of the prisoners of January 6. I agree that these lengthy (often solitary) incarcerations without charges are deeply problematic and their reported treatment is atrocious. The silence of the Mainstream Media on the subject reflects the asymmetric and hypocritical outrage that has made them among the least trusted American institution after Congress, and is proof of their perfidy and cowardice (as though further proof were needed). Thus, it is natural for some might feel that a rally in DC is called for and the right way to approach this.

One obvious reason to question the wisdom of this rally is that it could easily be a setup. Though I have not been close to this “Nancy’s Dungeon” aspect of our movement, I am close enough to know that this rally did not arise through any organic process of which I am aware. I did not hear people calling for it within the circles I roam. I did not hear groups debating where and
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New disclosures show how Gen. Mark A. Milley tried to check Trump. They could also further…

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News Story Source:, Missy Ryan
A series of dramatic inside-the-room accounts, including one in which the chairman of the Joint Chiefs promised to alert China’s top officer if Trump was preparing to launch an attack, provides new insight into military leaders’ response to the previous administration’s fraught final period.

But Kori Schake, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, said the revelations that Milley covertly acted to counter his commander in chief are “bad for the military as an institution.”

“It encourages people to do what Americans are already doing, which is viewing the military as they view the Supreme Court: apolitical when they agree with them, partisan when they don’t,” she said.

The latest exposa comes in a book by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, who write that Milley, alarmed by the possibility Trump might strike China as he tried to stay in power, reached out to Gen. Li Zuocheng in the months surrounding the 2020 e
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The Battle for Digital Privacy Is Reshaping the Internet

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Google recently outlined plans to disable a tracking technology in its Chrome web browser.

And Facebook said last month that hundreds of its engineers were working on a new method of showing ads without relying on people’s personal data.

The developments may seem like technical tinkering, but they were connected to something bigger: an intensifying battle over the future of the internet. The struggle has entangled tech titans, upended Madison Avenue and disrupted small businesses. And it heralds a profound shift in how people’s personal information may be used online, with sweeping implications for the ways that businesses make money digitally.

At the center of the tussle is what has been the internet’s lifeblood: advertising.

More than 20 years ago, the internet drove an upheaval in the advertising industry. It eviscerated newspapers and magazines that had relied on selling classified and print ads, and threatened to dethrone television advertising as the prime
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Russia to Open New Frontier in Space, Shooting First Full-Length Movie

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Russia took a step closer on Thursday to claiming another record in space when a commission of medical and safety experts approved a plan for an actress and a director to blast off early next month to film the first full-length, fictional movie in space.

The movie, called “The Challenge,” tells of a female doctor launched on short notice to the International Space Station to save the life of a cosmonaut. If filmed on schedule next month, it would beat Hollywood to low-Earth orbit.

NASA announced last year plans by Tom Cruise to film on the station. Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, then announced its moviemaking ambition.

At a news conference in Moscow before departing for the launch, the Russian actress, the director and their doubles — both roles have backups, lest a last-minute health problem derail the project — spoke enthusiastically about a new frontier in show business. They said they hoped to portray weightlessness as never before in fiction a
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