Exclusive: Former Overstock CEO speaks out on his resignation

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News Story Source: https://www.youtube.com
Overstock.com CEO, Patrick Byrne, resigned amid some ‘deep-state’ controversy. He exclusively tells FOX Business’ ‘Bulls & Bears’ why he did that.

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Negative Rates Can't Save The Empire: It's The Debt Stupid!

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News Story Source: Ron Paul Liberty Report
Central Planning is always destined to fail, and central planners (at everyone else’s expense) always do whatever they can to delay the inevitable. Negative interest rates (that is, getting paid to borrow money) would never occur in a free market monetary system. Such a ludicrous idea will only further exacerbate the end of central banking. Debt continues to skyrocket, and the interest payments will only get more unbearable. It’s time to audit and then End The Fed.

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Overstock Founder Sells All! Patrick Byrne vs The Deep State – The Gloves ARE OFF!!!

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News Story Source: Press For Truth
In a bold and calculated move Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock.com is going to war with the deep state! His mission is to save his assets and those of his peers before insiders within the deep state pull the plug on him. Byrne sold all of his stock (and gifted some) to the tune of around $90M and he moved those assets into gold, silver and two cryptocurrencies as a hedge against what he says he sees as a global crisis coming soon at the hands of the deep state. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth takes a look at the motives and goals of Patrick Byrne with this massive sell off as a hedge to a crash, which is similar to what we here at PFT have been saying one should do for years! If you’re not yet holding gold/silver or hodling some bitcoin what are you waiting for?

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Now, Mr. President, With Respect, Cut the Crap and Get Out of Afghanistan

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Global Carmageddon Continues: Mexico Total Vehicle Exports Crushed 12.7% In August

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Internet of People – CRYPTO IDENTITY FOR THE WORLD?! GitHub Review

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EXCLUSIVE: Why Google's "quantum supremacy" means the end of encryption security …

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News Story Source: https://www.naturalnews.com
(Natural News) Over the last 24 hours, Natural News and NewsWars have spearheaded the reporting on the implications of Google’s “quantum supremacy” announcement from Friday. What’s astonishing is how few independent media publishers and mainstream media outlets are covering this story, considering it’s the biggest computing milestone in the history of humanity, with game-changing implications for the future of the human race.

It seems apparent that many people simply don’t want to believe those implications, so they choose to ignore what just happened. On the indy media side, one of the implications that seems to bother many publishers is the fact that quantum computing makes cryptocurrency obsolete. So quantum computing stories get ignored because the implications are too scary for the crypto crowd, which doesn’t feel comfortable considering the implications of what happens when the “crypto” portion of cryptocurrency no longer offers any real
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The MoA Week In Review – OT 2019-55

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News Story Source: https://www.moonofalabama.org
Fake news and pure war propaganda from the Wall Street Journal:
Yemeni Rebels Warn Iran Plans Another Strike Soon
The information has been passed along to the Saudis and the U.S., according to people briefed on the warnings

>BEIRUT — Houthi militants in Yemen have warned foreign diplomats that Iran is preparing a follow-up strike to the missile and drone attack that crippled Saudi Arabia’s oil industry a week ago, people familiar with the matter said.

Leaders of the group said they were raising the alarm about the possible new attack after they were pressed by Iran to play a role in it, these people said.<

The only named source in the piece is the Houthi spokesman who fully denies the above nonsense.

September 17 – How Russian And Iran Beat Their Opponents’ Strategies

September 18 – 14,000 Words Of “Blame The Pilots” That Whitewash Boeing Of 737 MAX Failure

Irony of Pilot Laying Blame On Pilots in Boei
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If Iran is Responsible for Saudi Attack, So What? US in Another Undeclared War

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News Story Source: https://moneymaven.io/mishtalk by Mish
There’s an interesting article in the American Conservative regarding the attack on Saudi Arabia that temporarily took out 50% of Saudi oil refinery capability.

Gareth Porter at the American Conservative makes a good case Evidence of Iran’s Role in Attack Doesn’t Matter.

A set of complex issues related to different Iranian and Houthi weapons systems and other forensic evidence surrounding the destruction at Abqaiq will be the center of attention in the coming days. The forensic evidence presented by the administration may be weak or persuasive, but in either case, it would be a strategic mistake for those who oppose the war in Yemen and America’s involvement in it to make this the story.

It is obvious that whatever the precise nature of the strike, Iran likely played a role in both creating the drones and/or cruise missiles involved and in the strategic rationale for it. But one can argue that both the Houthis and Iran had legitimate reasons for carry
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