01-23-19 — James Corbett – Tim Picciott — (VIDEOS & MP3s LOADED)

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News Story Source: https://childrenshealthdefense.org, By Eileen Iori
The malware was called “NotPetya,” referring to the ransomeware family Petya, which disables computer systems and demands a ransom to be paid in bitcoin before it will restore access to a company’s files. It is destructive and costly, something Merck was to find out as its sales and manufacturing operations were disrupted by the June 7th attack. According to the Wall Street Journal, the incident cost the pharmaceutical giant $670 million to remediate, but more importantly, it caused disruption to the production of two of Merck’s pediatric vaccines: Gardasil 9 (Human Papillomavirus) and Recombivax (Hepatitis B virus), vaccines to help prevent sexually transmitted infections.

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Justin Amash: The Libertarian Party Shouldn’t Nominate a ‘Squishy’ Republican in 2020

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Organic Food Companies Who Sold Out to Mega Food Corporations

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Tucker Carlson Calls Out Famous Liberals Who Urged Doxing…

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A Danger to the Nation

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News Story Source: https://internationalman.com, by Bill Bonner
At 29, she is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress; she will doubtless be there for decades to come.

Eighteen months ago, she was working as a waitress. Then, even though her opponent outspent her 15-to-1, she won the race to sit in the House of Representatives.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has a pleasant look about her. We’d probably like her if we met her. But she is clearly a danger to herself, her constituents, and to the nation.

When the mainstream flim-flam financial policies fail, people look for scapegoats and solutions on the edges.

Now, they turn their sore eyes to New York’s 14th district, where Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has been elected to Congress. The product of the Puerto Rican Enlightenment, she believes there is no problem that a government program can’t solve.

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Porsche Is Doubling Production Of Its “Tesla Killer” Taycan On Soaring Demand

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News Story Source: https://www.zerohedge.com
The Porsche Taycan is widely considered to be the “mainstream” luxury automobile market’s most potent threat to the Tesla Model S. The specs for the vehicle look to be extremely impressive, not just from an EV standpoint, but from any type of “street legal” standpoint. It is said to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds and it’ll have a top speed of over 155 mph. Its range will come in at 310 miles and it will be chargeable up to 250 miles in just over 20 minutes at a Porsche high-voltage supercharger.

Oh, and it also happens to rather impressive. 

There has been an air of intrigue surrounding the Taycan since it was announced in late 2015 and it’ll finally be going on sale at the end of the year this year. As we get closer to that date, we’re also getting our first look at potential demand, which seems to be far exceeding Porsche’s expectations.

BGR is reporting that demand is so strong that Porsche is actually doubli
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More Truth Exposed From Native American “MAGA” Kids Controversy

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