Arlington Cemetery, nearly full, may become more exclusive

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News Story Source: By DAVE PHILIPPS
But in order to preserve the tradition of burial at the nation's foremost military cemetery for future generations, the Army, which runs Arlington, says it may have to deny it to nearly all veterans who are living today. 

Arlington is running out of room. Already the final resting place for more than 420,000 veterans and their relatives, the cemetery has been adding about 7,000 each year. At that rate, even if the last rinds of open ground around its edges are put to use, the cemetery will be completely full in about 25 years. 

"We're literally up against a wall," a spokeswoman for the cemetery, Barbara Lewandrowski, said as she stood in the soggy grass where marble markers march up to the stone wall separating the grounds from a six-lane highway. Even that wall has been put to use, stacked three high with niches for cremated remains. 

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