Arizona Bitcoin Trial: March 27, 2018 Update

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News Story Source: Terry I. Major
Today was the final day for the Prosecution. They concluded their case and it is the Defense Attorneys' turn to put on their case. The jury was released early so the a few motions and discussion could be entered into to attempt to arrive at final jury instructions. The judge told the Prosecutors that there is a flaw in their indictment regarding the types of charges versus what the evidence shows. The judge also stated the obvious: How can an individual required to comply with banking and financial institution regulations. Both sides are to come up with case law on the topic. The Defense has yet to decide whether to have Thomas testify or not. As a result of the many things on the table to decide, the Attorneys are to be present in court at 8:30 AM to finalize these matters. In addition, one of the Public Defender's attorneys will be discussing with Thomas about whether or not to testify. Stay Tuned ?" Wednesday, March 28th will be an important day.

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