Are We Stuck With Cement?

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News Story Source: Get Pocket
In early 2018, Sara Law of the Carbon Disclosure Project raised her hand at a conference in New York on government and private sector initiatives to address climate change. She politely asked the panel, which had been assembled to discuss opportunities for investing in low-carbon infrastructure, whether they knew how much cement each project might require. The panel members shifted uncomfortably in their seats and chuckled; no one jumped in immediately to respond.

Law didn't mean to embarrass her peers. But her question unraveled some of the panel's forced optimism that has hung around climate conferences of late. Environmental academics and activists have been joined onstage by financiers with promises of investment opportunities in the ongoing transition to a more sustainable economy. Not many want to fret over cement, the world's second-most consumed material behind water, and how its use in this economic transition might prevent our society from achieving its climate
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