Are Dems Rigging Things for Biden?

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Are Dems Rigging Things for Biden?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The hugely corrupted US political process is too debauched to fix, ordinary Americans with no say over how they're governed.

Elections when held are political theater. Back-room deal-making decides things, not voters.

Going to the polls is a waste of time when so-called elections always turn out the same way under one-party rule with two right wings.

In 2016, Hillary's Dem party takeover robbed Sanders of the nomination as standard bearer he  likely would have won if things were fair.

The process was like holding a world series or super bowl with only one team represented.

Sanders never had a chance and knew it. Are things now manipulated the same way in the race to be Dem standard bearer in November?

Based on his voting record, along party lines most often, Sanders assures continuity if elected to the nation's high
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