April 28: Ernest interviews Dr Phranq Tamburri (The Trump Report)

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News Story Source: Ernest Hancock
2022-04-28 — Ernest Hancock and Dr Phranq Tamburri (Trump Report) – LIVE STREAM Thursday April 28th @ approx 11:30 am EST

Program Date: 04-28-2022

Dr Pharnq Tamburri (Trump Report) for the Trump Report, culture war, social engineering, propaganda, Musk/Twitter/Trump, etc…

2022-04-26 — Ernest interviews Pastor Chuck Baldwin – (MP3/MP4)

Program Date: 04-26-2022

Ernest interviews Pastor Chuck Baldwin (Pastor of Liberty Fellowship Montana; Chuck Baldwin Live) on world news and the spiritual battle we are in, censorship, propaganda, etc…

2022-04-25 — Ernest interviews Dr Andrew Kaufman, M.D. – MP3&4

Program Date: 04-25-2022

Dr Andrew Kaufman, M.D. (Natural Healing Practitioner) on the healthcare industry, covid issues, censorship, medical freedom, medical tyranny, etc…

2022-04-24 — Ernest interviews Mike Swatek on Aircrete Dome Construction – MP3&4

Program Date: 04-24-2022

Mike Swatek (Aircrete Domestead) comes on the show
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