Apocalypse Update – EMPs over Russia

This comes as rumors abound over the health of Russian president Vladmir Putin who seems to have some kind of mystery disease or something but the russian media and state are covering it up. What the heck is going on over there?  This certainly does seem like more than just a cat walking on a transformer..  -Mort

In several districts of Novgorod the lights went out for a few seconds after the bright flash – the news agency “Great Submit Thread.” 

Around 20:15 beginning of the street lit Kochetova flash of bright light, after which the surrounding buildings for a few seconds, the lights went out, turned off street lighting.

After that, the sky over the city was decorated something like the Northern Lights. Bright flashes clearly emerges through the clouds. Then the power was restored, but left your original work of several cable television operators.
Townspeople joke that it could be a rehearsal for the end of the world. We can assume that the result was a bright flash of lightning, but no sounds like thunder, Novgorod heard.

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