Apocalypse Update – Devil’s Rock Doom?

Yet, another DOOMSDAY report reveals interesting information which gives us until the date of December 21, 2012 to rid ourselves of an impending asteroid destined to hit earth.

We’ve heard hundreds of reports in the last few years of impending DOOM! Seriously I believe it has desensitized the public to such a degree that most don’t even read the articles, I’m sure. How is this one different?

I find this one interesting considering the date. I would have just scanned this article and left it for what it seem: a scare tactic, but why choose this date?

Does it strike you as strange too? Let’s read more;

November 28, 2012:
Source: NASA Scientists Working On Top Secret Missile To Destroy Doomsday Asteroid Headed For Earth
WASHINGTON, D.C.- A source deep inside the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has told Inothernewz.com that the agency has employed over one hundred scientists to work on a missile to destroy an asteroid that is on track to impact the Earth on December 21, 2012. The “Doomsday Asteroid,” as it is known around NASA, will destroy the Earth and everything on it unless the agency can stop it.
“The NASA scientists are working feverishly around the clock to develop this missile,” said the source whose name will be withheld due to the sensitive matter of the top secret project. “I’ve personally seen scores of scientists collapsing onto the project floor, just falling over from sheer exhaustion. Some haven’t seen their families in weeks.”
The missile will be used to transport an atomic bomb with enough material to level a city ten times as large as Los Angeles, according to the source.
“This bomb will make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like child’s play,” said the source. “A test of the missile will be conducted sometime in early December at an undisclosed location in the United States. NASA and the U.S. government want to keep this project as hush hush as possible.”

Other nations have not been notified of the project, nicknamed “Devil’s Rock”, even though the Doomsday Asteroid is widely known throughout the international space community as posing a significant danger to planet Earth.
“It’s against international space law to send up a nuke into space,” said the source. “That’s why NASA and the U.S. government are so secretive about the project. Even though they’re trying to save humanity from extinction, they still have to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by governing bodies.”
And where did the funding for the project come from?

“Oh, the U.S. government has spent billions of dollars on this thing,” confided the source. “They’ve showered NASA with enough money to feed the world’s starving people a thousand times over. Congressional committees have met in secret sessions to debate whether or not the money is being well spent but in the end they also know that if this project fails, everyone will die a terrible death.”
The source then handed over top secret classified documents showing budget expenditures for the project. Inothernewz.com can confirm the mind-boggling sum is well over $100 billion.
“Only time will tell if it was all worth it,” said the source. “If not, we’re all goners.”
Internees.com [link]

Why December 21, 2012?
Does this fit into the UFO invasion scenario?
Is it a ruse to invoke fear in the public to gather energy from the event?
Why would this person NOW come forward?
DO we take it serious?
Is this the reason for ‘emergency’ meetings by the ‘elitists’ of the world?
Is this the same information given by others from NASA who have leaked info?

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