The AntiChrist’s Host Body?

I was looking at this because it struck me as irresponsible and misinformation:

Then I got curious about the link to Satan needing a host body. I never knew of that before but again I am very ignorant of religion. There’s a bit about the antichrist being here on earth in a host body:

This is not something I want to be discussing. Also the way I am…set up if you will, its very hard for me to..I mean what good is it going to do to write this? No one cares do they? And what if…the AntiChrist is actually…its very confusing lets leave it at that. When you are in that elite group I suppose its hard to..turn against them.
You figure humans deserve what they get anyway. And you also are so alone in all this that you wonder who really are your protectors and who are your tormenters. A lot of Christians have pissed me off and not been nice to me really in all this. And many of them are..not genuinely good people. They are nut jobs. They are hiding very bad impulses underneath their religiousness, I can see it plain as day.

So it worries me, revealing information. Because I havent found religious people to be at all dependable or to be..humanists. Just religious and rooting for Their Side which is as bad if not worse than the other factions involved.

What is this also about the ‘children of light’ have to suffer and die? That is ridiculous. This entire thing is really. I dont think you should have to “suffer” because you dont want to be oppressed. How are you suffering if you fight oppression? Wouldnt you be suffering worse if you put up with it? Like I wrote, this site has got to be considered carefully.

OK so this is what I know.
During the time when Bush was in office I did experience Boston and NY area, areas close to 9-11 to be charged with this large area of dark energy. NY even away from the city still was heavy with this ritual energy from the towers, 9-11. Boston had this very cold and dark environment. An entire city cold and dark for a whole year? I only stayed part of the year just because I learned traveling was a way to avoid being totally influenced by whatever was going on that was so weird in key locations during the Bush era.

I wont get into it but..the perps made sure to mention in St Louis while tormenting the hell out of me that I shouldnt have aborted my baby. Scott had basically got me so down I for the first time in my life wasnt in control of my choices and conveniently the only pill I could take due to my health was taken off the market a year or two before. I was so proud of my track record of never getting pregnant before.
People who had betrayed me like my psychiatrist were asking me if I wanted the kid. Why would the perps in St Louis care about my being pregnant? If they were trying to get me to suicide (and that was certainty clear).

Then as years went on and I traveled, as the 2000′s went on, I noticed that in different locations there was that would pull at me. Places like El Paso right on the border near Juarez. Things that would try to get me to go out into the city and get raped and such.
And I had already been sucked into listening to black metal which was the only thing keeping me going. It was this entire many year long process which seemed to be to get me away from who I was and get me into this Satanic scene even if it was through indirect means. That plus these energies being strong in places like Mexico. Later on like 2009 thats when I came to Boston to experience it as completely possessed by a darkness and cold. There was something very large, huge in fact residing here if you will.

Lets keep it simple by saying that one does not have to willfully go along with such…energies or if it’s an entity fine then. An entity. We are willful beings.

By 2010 this all let up and life became tolerable again. In 2008 when Obama came in, life became manageable, which meant unlike the Bush era I wasnt being tortured within an inch of my life anymore. Only in 2010 did life return to some normalcy.

Upon reading that link I realized that entire era may have very well been a ritual going on to seek out the prechosen females to indeed give birth to such a host body. This sounds reasonable because of other instances where I have been aware of thought transference, which is what is used during a ritual to have a…spirit lets call it, go into a ‘host body’. It’s all so much more artful than that and its not as creepy and horror movie as they are putting it. A gypsy woman once told my friend and I that all humans occupy host bodies anyway. Thats who life works here.
I just dont understand why everyone is so freaked out by this process. Anyway..
So if in 2010 life became livable, perhaps its due to this being true. Its over and they accomplished what they set out to do.

That time frame is also correct. 2010 could well be when such a child was born if it was conceived during 2009. There was something in Boston.

Now remember all of the hocus pocus part of this could very well be done with tech and mass druggings just like they do to Targets. Its all in the interest of completing the putting forth of some one or some group’s will. Something they want done. I dont doubt what I experienced was real but one has to define ‘real’ in this case. Real would be that a certain group of powerful people were and are using resources that are classified level to reach thier goals.

What the ‘anti christ’ means I have no f*cking idea. Its different for me. I dont have alot to worry about. When I turn to that wind that is behind me, like there is something on it, like there is a presence there I dont get threatened. I get told basically that I am loved and will always be watched out for. If its true that the anti christ or Lucifer loves me then so be it then. Because whatever came to me in 2009 I basically was an unruly potential bride and told it off and really all along in this I have been very stubborn and had the attitude that I will never bring any children into this world especially if thats what THEY want.

Who understands all this anyway. Youve got brown hooded figures giving you training and a mission and caring for you as a child and playing with you, all this weirdness but then one of the black hooded figures will supposedly save your life from dying from an illness later on. Its so confusing.

I dont even know if there are good guys, bad guys or if we dont have it all reversed. I know alot of Christian religious nuts piss me off because they are dishonest. But so are Satanists, dishonest and deceptive.

Perhaps this entire thing is mere deception so the NWO will have this leader people will think is from this powerful entity. It could all be a brainwash, like holograms could be used to make people think aliens are here or Jesus or something like that. This could all be ritual mixed with convincing deceptions.
Whatever is going on its real and a group of powerful people are very into the idea of this leader coming to guide them.

Well good luck with it all because I dont care anymore. The best years of my life have been robbed from me and I dont stand to get them back.

Can I sue this antichrist when he comes of age??

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