Anti-Immigration Candidate Wins Austria Election: Greens Smashed, May be Ousted from Parliament

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News Story Source: by Mike Mish Shedlock
Bloomberg reports Austrian Millennial Wins Chance to Govern With Nationalist Party.

Austrian voters gave 31-year-old conservative Sebastian Kurz a mandate to form a new government in an election on Sunday, setting up a potential coalition with the nationalist Freedom Party as junior partner, according to projections based on partial returns.The outcome may mark a triumph for European populists after they were kept out of power this year in elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany, though the Freedom Party was already part of Austria's government as recently as 2005. Norbert Hofer, its narrowly defeated candidate in the nation's presidential election last year, immediately staked a claim to a strong role for his party."People demanded change," Hofer said in an ORF television interview. Any coalition with the People's Party should be "a partnership of equals," he said.Kurz, the Austrian foreign minister who took up the Freedom Party's hardli
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