Anti-Erdogan Rage, Emergency Rule Extended

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Anti-Erdogan Rage, Emergency Rule Extended

by Stephen Lendman

Before Sunday's constitutional referendum, Erdogan repudiated democracy, freedom and rule of law principles, governing as a tinpot despot.

Manipulated results officially empowered his iron-fisted rule. Criticism of his rogue regime is considered treason. 

Opponents are targeted for elimination. He's at war with Kurds domestically, in Iraq and Syria. Press and academic freedom are considered heresy.

He's ruthless and unforgiving, a regional menace, Turkey a launching pad and safe haven for ISIS and other terrorist groups, providing them weapons and other material support, treating their wounded, pretending to oppose the scourge he backs, wanting northern Syria annexed, Assad ousted.

On Tuesday, Turkey's parliament he controls extended emergency rule, declared last July following a failed military coup.

It permits virtually any measures Erdogan wishes to imp
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