Another Glendale HUT! HUT! HUTTING!

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News Story Source: Eric Peters Auto
Glendale, Arizona appears to attract particularly vicious armed government workers. It is the city in which a man was infamously Tasered in his crotch (see here) over a made-up traffic infraction and a mentally disabled man was beaten and Tasered by a "high risk" armed government worker with "years of disciplinary problems" named Joshua Carroll who was kept armed and badged by his department notwithstanding those "years of disciplinary problems (see here).

And here we go . . . again.

A Glendale AGW is under investigation for his Hut! Hut! Hutting! of a skinny old man who failed to properly Respect his Authoritah. The man – who has been pulled over for some reason – clearly poses no physical threat to anyone, let alone a heavily armed and steroidal AGW. But he commits the offense of failure to be sufficiently submissive, dares to question the AGW – who proceeds to roughly pull him out of the car and then apply the joy juice – Taser
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