An In-Depth Look at Iris, a New Decentralized Social Network

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Cryptocurrency advocates have been discussing a new social media platform designed by one of Bitcoin's earliest developers Martti Malmi, otherwise known as Sirius. The project he designed, called Iris, is a social networking application that stores and indexes everything on the user's devices and connects directly with peers rather than using centralized and privacy-invasive algorithms.

Former Bitcoin Developer Creates Social Networking That Uses Cryptographic Key Pairs

Over the last decade, people have been on the hunt for the ultimate decentralized social networking experience that puts users 100% in control of their data. This quest has been a holy grail of sorts for cryptocurrency proponents as well as those who believe digital assets will be integral in driving a proper social media solution. There have been a few attempts where people have tried to design decentralized versions of Twitter and Facebook but so far none of them have really caught on. Although, one appl
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