America’s Leaders and Citizens Fail To Grasp The Enormity Of Our Predicament

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
The freezing event in Texas last week stands as a precursor of what's coming to all of America. The electrical grid crashed. People died. Chaos dominated.  Confusion spread. Anger multiplied.

It's confounding to this writer that few leaders address it, and the entire mainstream media avoid this issue and even suppress it at all costs.  Here's a quote by Isaac Marion, author of The Burning World of what we face in future years.  He connects the dots:

"The apocalypse didn't happen overnight. The world didn't end in a satisfying climax of explosive special effects. It was slow. It was boring. It was one little thing at a time. One building here another factory over there. [One plastic container tossed into the ocean and then another and another until their numbers reached 5.25 trillion floating or sunk beneath the waves.] One moral compromise, one abandoned ideal, and one more justified injustice. No dramatic w
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