American Journal of Osteopathic Neurological Surgery

American Journal of Osteopathic Neurological Surgery

The editorial staff is committed to opening up a forum for osteopathic neurosurgeons (and others) to share research, concepts, concerns, viewpoints, techniques, experiences, etc. This forum will be designed to encourage participation from osteopathic residents – a venue for “cutting their teeth” in professional scholarly publication. We wish to spur osteopathic neurosurgery into an era of increased scholarly exchange and discourse. The journal will routinely publish several original peer-reviewed research papers, including award-winning resident papers from our national meetings. In addition to research papers, included in selected issues will be a review article on a salient neurosurgical topic. This will include a review of the current literature and any associated guidelines. The journal will also include articles on operative nuances, neurosurgical product reviews, socioeconomic reports, textbook reviews, and a classified section featuring relevant courses, recruitments, and recruiters. There will be articles addressing the unique interests and concerns of medical students and another for residents. There will also be a section serially featuring one of the Osteopathic Neurosurgical Residency Programs. Circulation for the journal will include all practicing and training osteopathic neurosurgeons, and all osteopathic medical schools. We hope that this enterprise excites and interests members of the osteopathic neurosurgery community and beyond. We will need your support and enthusiasm to make this work. Please contact us with suggestions, submissions, critiques, and, of course, articles

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