America: Not A Nation of Trespassers

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Opinion Column by Frosty Wooldridge
Don't you feel safer today with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in power?  How about Charles Schumer leader of our U.S. Senate? What about the presidency led by Joe Biden?  Have they fulfilled their oaths of office to protect all American citizens…in the last 30 to 47 years serving in Washington DC?  

I spoked with veteran INS officer Michael Cutler about our chances for maintaining America's sovereignty with those three "open borders" advocates now in complete power in Washington DC.

"Our immigration laws were enacted to protect national security, public health, public safety and the jobs and wages of Americans," said Cutler. "Since taking office, just last week, Biden has issued a flurry of executive orders that would render those vital laws moot, undermines all of those issues that the immigration laws are supposed to protect.

"At a time when there is a shortage of hospital beds, COVID-19 v
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